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Getting Started

All members of the William & Mary community can submit events. You will need a W&M Username to log in and create an event for submission. After entering the details of your event, you will "recommend" it to the calendars on which you would like your event to appear.

What type of events are allowed?

Submitted events must be on behalf of a department, office, program, or university-recognized group or organization and be university-related. They should fit under one or more of the available calendars — the W&M Featured Events calendar, or the school, department, program and group calendars. A complete listing of available calendars to recommend to is provided during the event submission process.

Events not acceptable for W&M Events are personal gatherings, private events, and events that are not university-related and sponsored by a department, office, program, or university-recognized group or organization.

How do I request a calendar?

If you would like to request a calendar for your department, office, program or group, email [[creative]]. You do not need to manage a calendar in order to submit events. Anyone with a W&M Username can create and recommend events to an existing calendar or calendars.

How can I subscribe to a calendar?

You can download all of a calendar's current events by clicking the "ICAL" button on any calendar homepage. If you'd like to subscribe to a calendar and automatically have new events added to your personal calendar right click on the "ICAL" button and use that as the calendar subscription URL.


You can create events and manage your calendars with your W&M Username and password.


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