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Borrow an Event

Prevent Duplicates

When you create a new event, the system will attempt to find any possible duplicate events based on the date, time, location and title of your event. However, it is a good idea to first make sure it doesn't already exist on another calendar.

We recommend you go to W&M Events and do a quick search. If the event is returned in the results, simply borrow it onto your calendar. If you would like to include academic dates or faculty/staff holidays on your calendar, go right to the source and borrow them from the Undergraduate Academic Calendars or the Holiday Schedule. This will help reduce the number of duplicate events in the system, while ensuring accuracy for your users.

Populate Your Calendar

Does your calendar look empty? Tired of waiting for someone to recommend an event to you? Take control and borrow events.

How It's Done

Anyone who manages a calendar can borrow an event. Log in, then browse the live calendars or use the calendar search features. When logged in, every event will include a "Borrow Event" link — both in the event listings and on the event details page. Click Borrow Event, then select your calendar(s) and click the Borrow button. Borrowed events appear instantly on your calendar and calendar feed.


You cannot edit a borrowed event unless you have permission to edit the original event. Borrowed events can be removed from your calendar and calendar feeds using the "unapprove" feature.