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Calendar Events

The top of your Calendar Events page offers quick access to Calendar Settings, as well as a shareable web address for your calendar (right-click on the URL displayed in the blue box to copy it to your clipboard). 

Sort the list of events on each tab by clicking the Event Name or Date column headers, or filter the list by typing in the Search box.

Pending Events

If an event is pending, you can view all event details, edit the event (if you created the event or have been given permission), recommend it to additional calendars, duplicate it, approve it or ignore it. If you have multiple pending events you can apply bulk actions — select multiple events and approve or ignore the selected items using the Bulk Actions dropdown.

Spotlight Events

Adding a spotlight event will automatically turn on the Spotlight feature for your live calendar. The feature highlights one event at the top of the list of upcoming events on the calendar's homepage. If you have no spotlight events, the feature box will not display on your live calendar. You can also manually turn the feature on or off in the Calendar Info section of your calendar settings

Add a spotlight

To spotlight an event, select the Add Spotlight Event button on the Spotlight tab, or use the add spotlight quick action link by an event on your Approved tab. Use the Spotlight Event drop down to select the event (the event must be approved on the calendar to be eligible).

The Spotlight Title and Teaser Text fields will default to the event's Title and Summary fields, but you can further customize the text.

The Image and Image Description fields will default to that of the event's but you can choose a different image if you like. Just be sure to update the Image Description field if needed.

Custom More... Link

By default, a More... link will be displayed in your spotlight box that links to the event. You can customize this link text by filling in the Feature Link Text field.

Approved Events

If an event is approved, you can view all event details, edit the event (if you created the event or have been given permission)recommend it to other calendars, duplicate it, spotlight it on your calendar homepage or un-approve it. 

Note: If you approve a multi-day event, it will appear in Upcoming Events until the first day of the event. On the first day of a multi-day event, the event is displayed in Ongoing Events.

Ignored Events

If an event is ignored, you can view all event details, edit the event (if you created the event or have been given permission), recommend it to other calendars, duplicate it or approve it.

Calendar Archive

Once an event has passed, it will be moved to Calendar Archive. Access your calendar's archive of events at the bottom of the Calendar Events screen. Events in the archive can be duplicated.