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Creating a new website

This is a basic overview of the steps required to create a new website within your Cascade Site.

  1. Plan the Information Architecture (IA) — or site outline — ahead of time. Organize your content into 5–7 major categories which will become the items in your main navigation.
  2. Following your existing Site structure, create the new folder (typically a Folder with Content Page) and any additional sub-folders needed to build out your planned IA. This main folder for the new website is referred to as its "root" folder. We recommend building appropriate empty non-content folders for storage within the root folder using the following naming format: _images, _documents, _listboxes, _widgets, etc. Content folders should be named without an initial underscore — like: about, faculty, research, etc.
  3. Apply appropriate Banner Department Info and Banner Images to the root folder.
  4. Create a new access group and new users, when needed. Once the access group is set up and appropriate users have been added to the group, update "Access" for the new folder to include the new group. Remember to also update "Access for contents" of the folder. Detailed instructions are provided on the Users, Groups & Permissions help page.