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Banner Department Info

The Banner Image is the image across the top of your pages, prior to the content. You may choose to display the name of a department, program or office as text on top of the Banner Image. We call this the Banner Department Info, or Department Info. You may also choose to display an Umbrella Department which appears in a smaller font, just above the Department Info. 

Use of Department Info

The Department Info is sometimes referred to as the "website title" because it isn't always a department name, and it also acts as a "home" link for every page in that folder, thus distinguishing and grouping the set of pages as a "website" within your Cascade Site. The Department Info text is automatically hyperlinked to the index page of the folder where it is set. To try this out, click "Cascade Help" located on the Banner Image of this page.

Use of an Umbrella Department

Think of the Umbrella Department as a breadcrumb that provides context to visitors and a navigation link up to a higher folder level, if needed. It might be used to indicate that the department or website is part of a broader structure or brand, such as when used by the Arts & Sciences academic departments to indicate they are part of Arts & Sciences. To try this out, go to Biology and click "Arts & Sciences" on the Banner Image.

Note: Arts & Sciences managers should contact [[creative]] to request new or updated Department Info or Umbrella Department text.

Part 1 — Revealing the hidden fields
  1. choose your Site (e.g.,
  2. choose Manage Site in the black header bar
  3. choose Metadata Sets from the Manage Site left menu
  4. choose the Folder Metadata Set from the main/right panel
  5. choose Edit from the top-right
  6. choose the Custom Fields tab along the top of the pop-up edit window
  7. find the section for Checkbox: Use Department info below?
  8. change the Visibility from Hidden to Visible
  9. find the section for Text: Department
  10. change the Visibility from Hidden to Visible
  11. (if including an umbrella department) find the section for Text: Umbrella Department
  12. change the Visibility from Hidden to Visible
  13. (if including an umbrella department) find the section for Text: Umbrella Link
  14. change the Visibility from Hidden to Visible
  15. Submit 
Part 2 — Editing the folder
  1. navigate to the folder where you wish to set the department info on the Banner image
  2. edit the folder
  3. check the box next to the field Use Department info below?
  4. in the Department field, type the text (department name) to appear on the Banner image
  5. if including an umbrella department:
    1. in the Umbrella Department field, type in the organizational parent unit name - this will appear above the Department name on the Banner photo
    2. in the Umbrella Link field, type in the folder path of the umbrella department with a leading and trailing slash. For example if the umbrella department is Health & Wellness — located at — enter /offices/wellness/ in the field.
  6. Submit (and Publish when ready)
Part 3 — Hiding the fields again
  • same as part 1, except...
  • for steps #8, #10, #12 and #14 change Visibility back to Hidden