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News Story Thumbnails

News stories use 3:2 aspect ratio thumbnails.

News stories can use photosets to display photography on the story, but they require a rectangular (3:2 aspect ratio) thumbnail that appears on listing pages. 

If you do not have photo editing software available to you, try one of these image editors.

Step 1: Create and upload a custom thumbnail image
  1. Crop your thumbnail image to 600 x 400 pixels and save. We recommend .jpg for all photos and for graphics without a transparency. For graphics with transparency, we recommend .png. To simplify your upload process, save your image with a name using no spaces that is all lowercase.
  2. In Cascade, navigate to the appropriate images folder and upload your image.
Step 2: Link the thumbnail photo to the news story
  1. Edit the news story.
  2. In the Thumbnail Images section, select Use a custom thumbnail. Click Choose File to find the image you have already prepared and uploaded into the appropriate images folder.

  3. To save, select Preview Draft and then Submit >> Check Content & Submit.

Don't have a quality photo?

If you do not have a high quality thumbnail image for the story you are working on, you can select one from our provided Thumbnail Library when building your News Story.