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Writing for the Web

When web users land on your page, they’re on a mission. It’s imperative when writing for the web that you put your most important piece of information first — don’t bury the good stuff! Web users read about 20% of the words on your page, and more than 79% of users read by scanning rather than reading word-for-word. So how do you make sure you are writing clear and concise web content?

Here are a few tips:

  • Frontload your content.
  • Use half the words you would use in traditional writing.
  • Decrease word count by using bullets and numbered lists (try not to go over seven items in a list).
  • Add links! They’re important for SEO and providing a meaningful user experience (just be sure to use meaningful link text, and no click heres).
  • Keep a conversational tone.

For more tips on writing for the web, check out our Writing & Style Guide.