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Update to the Formats Sub-menu Makes for a Cleaner Look in the WYSIWYG Editor

A new update in the WYSIWYG editor offers a cleaner view of the custom formats available when editing particular elements on a page in Cascade. No longer will you see a long list of all of the available formats, many of which don’t even apply to the element of the page that you’re trying to style (image, table, link, etc.). This new, filtered view will only show you the custom formats available to the element that is active in the editor. This change only applies to the Formats dropdown in the second toolbar. The Format dropdown in the top tool bar of the WYSIWYG will still feature ALL of the custom formats, but will only allow you to click on the styles that are applicable to the active element.

In the screenshot below, you can see this new change in action. When you select an image in the WYSIWYG, the Formats dropdown will show you custom styles that you can apply to that image (photo-left, photo-left-with-caption, photo-right, photo-right-with-caption), but not all of the other styles that used to appear (and weren’t useful) like content-button and external-link.

 Format Sub-menu

Not seeing the Custom dropdown in the Formats sub-menu when text is selected? This will occur if text is entered outside of a wrapper (like a paragraph or blockquote). The paragraph format is applied to your text for you automatically when you hit Enter/Return on your keyboard at the end of your first paragraph, so be sure to not miss this step.

Happy editing!