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Get the Most Out of Your Relationships

Want to know what other pages are linking to your page, image or file? Check its relationships.

For assets such as images, documents, widgets, listboxes, and most page types, you can view its Relationships to see a list of assets that manually link to or display that item.

Relationships ScreenshotNavigate to the asset then select More >> Relationships in the top, right corner of the page. If any relationships exist, you will be presented with a list of pages/assets that link to your asset.

Once you start using this feature, you'll find more and more ways to work it into your editing routine. Here are some possibilities:

  • Ever wonder where you used a particular widget? Select the Widget file and view its relationships.
  • Need to know where an image is being used? Check its relationships.
  • Not sure if anyone is still linking to that old PDF? Check its relationships.
  • Do you use borrowed pages? Check the relationships of the original asset to locate each borrowed version.
Using the "Publish All" feature

This is a one-step feature to batch publish all of the assets in the Relationships window. While this is particularly useful for our site-wide managers, it can still come in handy at times for a site editor (just remember you can only publish assets that you manage). If the asset you've updated requires related pages to be published, this is a real time-saver. For example, if you've moved/renamed a document or image, updated a borrowed page or modified a listbox, you'll love this feature.