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Creating and Editing a Working Copy

Do you ever find yourself working on a draft and then someone else makes edits to the current version before you can submit your changes? Or maybe you’re collaborating on a new page with another Cascade editor and you both want to make edits to the draft, but you can’t? If so, the Working Copy feature may be for you!

What is it?

Similar to a draft, a Working Copy allows you to preview changes without submitting them. You can toggle back and forth between a Working Copy and the current version using the same drop-down that you would use to access a draft, but no one will be able to edit the current version while there is an active Working Copy.

In order to create a Working Copy, you:

  • Navigate to the page you want to copy.
  • Select the “More” dropdown and select “Check-out/Lock”

This will lock the asset so that other Cascade editors can’t edit it, and also create a Working Copy that you and other editors can view in Cascade. The Working Copy allows you to:

  • Commit Changes, which finalizes and submits your changes.
  • Break Lock, which discards your changes.
  • Reassign the lock to another user. You can also assign the lock to yourself if you are viewing a Working Copy that someone else has locked.

To learn more about drafts and checking out/locking assets, visit the help page.

Happy editing!