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Create Content Buttons to Send an Email

You know about content buttons to direct visitors to webpages or files, but did you know you can also link content buttons to start an email in your visitors' default email client? You can even set the content button to pre-fill the email's subject line. Here's how:

  • Type the text for your content button on its own line. Example: "Email Us"
  • Select image to view larger.Highlight that text with your cursor and select Insert/edit link
  • In the Insert link dialogue box...
    • Select External for the link type
    • For the link source, enter "mailto:" followed by the email address. Example: ""
    • Optional: To pre-fill the email's subject line, add a question mark after the email address plus "subject=Subject Line Here" after the question mark. Example: " Line Here"
    • Select content-button for the Styling
    • Select OK

See an email content button in action by clicking the button below.

Email us

More Content Button Tips
  • Keep 'em short. In most cases, 2-5 words should do the trick.
  • To create multiple buttons aligned horizontally, create the links on the same line and apply the content-button styling to each link individually. Buttons will drop below each other when necessary to accommodate narrow screens. 

First ButtonSecond Button