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Cascade Upgrade Highlights

The latest Cascade upgrade addresses general bug fixes and a few enhancements worth highlighting including the Context Menu, Starred Assets, Accessibility and Drafts.

Context Menu
  • The right-click context menu is collapsed by default giving editors quick access to the most commonly used functions.
  • An icon (View on live website) giving editors the ability to view an asset on the live website has been added to the menu.
  • The menu shows more metadata about an asset (such as file/image size).
  • Assets can be "starred" within the menu (more on starred assets below).

Collapsed context menu

Starred Assets

Editors can "favorite" items by marking them as starred assets within the context menu as seen above or within the button bar when viewing the asset.

Asset button bar

Starred assets can be found in multiple locations including the My Content Dashboard widget, search drop-down and User Menu.

User menu

Dashboard - My Content

  • Accessibility has been improved in Cascade and the WYSIWYG editor.
  • The Chooser panel is now responsive on mobile.
  • The Chooser panel browse tab has been improved.
Drafts vs. Current Version
  • The asset preview in Cascade shows the Draft (not Current) version by default if there is one.
  • The preview header announces if the Draft is out of date with the Current version (if there has been a newly-submitted Current version since the Draft began).