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Avoid Web Cliches

When the web was young and we were unsure of whether people would get it, websites had a lot of directions and introductions that are now unnecessary. Some of the most common:

  • Welcome to the Benneton College Weaving Department Web Page.
  •  Click here to find out more!
  •  On this web page you will find… Use the menu on the left… or Look below…, etc.

Eliminating phrases like, “use the menu to the left,” or “the Related Links on the right” is especially important for responsive websites. While the Writing & Style Guide discourages the use of relational directions in general, using this type of language is particularly confusing for mobile users—the item you’re directing them to will not always be “on the left” on a phone or tablet. Whether your site is responsive now (, or will be in the coming months (the grad schools), eliminating language of this type will make your site more professional.