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Insert & Edit Text

Edit Menu

Edit menuSome options are also available as buttons in the editor:

  • UndoUndo the last action
  • RedoRedo the last action
  • CutCut - remove the selected text to the editor's clipboard
  • CopyCopy - copy the selected text to the editor's clipboard
  • PastePaste - insert the most recent copied or cut text from the editor's clipboard to where your cursor is, preserving any formatting 
  • Paste as text - this feature toggles on/off. When toggled on, all styling will be removed from your text when pasted in. If you are bringing in text that you created in another application (like Microsoft Word or other website) the best way to bring that content into Cascade is to use the Paste as text option and then apply any appropriate styling, headings and links. Alternately, you can first paste content into a text editor such as Textpad to remove any formatting, and then copy/paste it into Cascade.
  • Select allSelect all - selects all of the content currently in the editor
Format Menu

Format menuSome options are also available as buttons or menus in the editor:

  • wysiwyg-bold.pngBold - use sparingly
  • ItalicsItalic - use sparingly; use for publication titles
  • SuperscriptSuperscript
  • SubscriptSubscript
  • Formats sub-menu - access headings, blocks and custom formats
  • Clear formattingClear formatting - remove formatting that has been applied
Insert menuInsert Menu

How to insert links and anchors as well as images and media using the editor is addressed separately.

  • Special characterSpecial character - find that é, ñ  or em dash you're looking for
  • Horizontal lineHorizontal line - use sparingly, styling is managed by Cascade
View menuView Menu
  • Visual aids
  • Show blocks - toggles on/off. Shows guidelines around your content for elements such as paragraphs, lists and headings. If you are having difficulty with the appearance of your content, this feature can help you see where various formats are being applied and where invisible elements may be a factor.
Tools Menu

Tools menu

  • Spellcheck - run a quick check of your spelling within the editor; misspelled words will get underlined in red (when you select Check Content & Submit, a spell check will also be run for you)
  • fullscreen iconFullscreen - toggle the editor to full screen. This feature is also available as a button in the editor.
  • Unordered (bulleted) listBullet list - turn the selected text into a bullet list, or vice versa
  • Ordered (numbered) listNumbered list - turn the selected text into a numbered list, or vice versa

Use the Tab key on your keyboard to indent a list item to become a sub-list item.