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Scheduled Publish Jobs

Cascade allows you to schedule publish jobs for non-time sensitive edits. Examples of when you may want to schedule a publish job may include when:

  • you have updated a Cascade page or other asset, but want to publish it at a specific date/time.
  • you want to avoid clogging the publishing queue with a large job during the workday.
How to Schedule a Publish Job
  1. Select the asset that will be published.
  2. Select Publish at the top of the screen or right-click on the asset and choose Publish.
  3. Under Optionally Publish Later?, enter the future date/time for publication.
  4. Select the blue Publish Later button.

Note: For sensitive content updates we recommend manual publishing options to ensure the content is not published prematurely.

  • If your edits have only been saved as a draft, you will first need to submit them.
  • To cancel a scheduled publish job, view the asset and select Unschedule from the top of the page.
  • If an asset is set to publish in the future, you will be notified if you try to publish that exact asset. You can change the date/time to alter the future publish time, or delete the date/time to publish now. 
  • If a folder is scheduled to publish later, you CAN still publish individual items within the folder and they will publish right away.
  • If an asset is scheduled to publish later, and you publish the parent (or higher level) folder now, Cascade will publish everything EXCEPT the scheduled asset (and its children).