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Slideshow Page

A slideshow page makes a visual impact using an animated slideshow with large-scale titles, descriptions, and links. It is packaged in your asset factory as a Folder with Slideshow Page and is designed to fit into the site structure in the same way as a standard Folder with a Content Page.

As this asset requires an extra level of user support — training, consultation on appropriate usage, and access to high-quality photography — it is only made available to users upon request to their Cascade Manager.
Suggested Use & Example
Available Fields & Options

A slideshow page uses the standard page menu but no right column and offers an outro WYSIWYG for additional content below the slideshow. The slideshow offers manual navigation for users by click or swipe and can contain up to six slides. Photos in the slideshow can rotate in a set order or randomly with each page load.

  • Title (required), Summary, and Teaser
  • Menu checkboxes to show parents and siblings
  • Checkbox to randomize the slideshow order
  • Photos: Use the + and - to add or delete photos from the slideshow. Use the up/down arrows or drag-and-drop to reorder the photos in your slideshow. Fields for each photo include:
    • Photo Source image selector
    • Photo Title
    • Photo Description
    • Photo Link (can use an internal or external link)
  • Outro content WYSIWYG
  • Social Media Thumbnail image
Image Sizes

Upload size = 950 x 500 pixels
Display size = 920 x 475 pixels (larger upload size allows for the animation)

We recommend .jpg for all photos and for graphics without transparency. For graphics with transparency, we recommend .png.

Additional Specifications
  • Slides display all photos at the same size and aspect ratio.
  • Slideshow will size differently on large and small screens. For small screens, the navigation arrows, titles, and descriptions are displayed below the photos.