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Redirect Page

When to use one and how to build them.

Redirects are a useful tool in Cascade, used to address many needs. Review the following to select your option, then follow the step-by-step instructions to create the redirect.

Select an Option
Option 1: Use a Redirect to add a link to your menu (for a page that lives elsewhere)

A folder with a redirect is an easy way to include a menu item that links to a page that lives elsewhere, whether it is an internal or external page.

Example A - If you're an A&S department you might want your Research page to show up in your menu under Faculty and also under Current Students. You would build the Folder with Content Page for Research in one of these folders, but create a Folder with Redirect in the other — this creates a second menu item without actually duplicating the page.

Example B - You need to prominently link to another site from within yours. While this is frequently handled by creating a content linkRelated Link or Widget, it may be appropriate to add a link in your menu to another site. Not sure? Contact your web manager for help with this content strategy decision.

Option 2: Use a Redirect to Create Simpler URLs

You're putting a URL on a t-shirt and you don't want to print this:

Instead, you want this:

In this example, you'll create a Folder with Redirect within the /giving/ folder, and enter a folder name of phonathon. For a URL that does not begin with your root folder, you will need to request a vanity URL from our office, however several guidelines are in place that limit the availability of this option.

Option 3: Use a Redirect to Help Create Related Links to an External Page

Related Links boxes are a right column feature that can be added to most pages. However, they are designed for links to Cascade (internal) pages. In order to create a Related Link to a page outside of cascade (external), you will first have to create a Folder with Redirect to the desired external page. Once you have created the redirect, you can link to it when creating the Related Links box.

Creating the Folder with Redirect Page
  1. Navigate and select the folder in which you want to store your redirect page
    For Option 1 - this will be the folder under which you want your menu item to appear
    For Option 2 - your redirect page will be set NOT to Display in Menu, but for the simplest URL use your root folder
    For Option 3 - your redirect page will be set NOT to Display in Menu (so the storage location is up to you)
  2. Click Add Content >> Folder with Redirect Page
  3. Enter a Folder Name (no spaces, all lowercase)
    For Option 2 - this will be the word you want to use in the URL - e.g., phonathon
  4. Set the checkbox for the field "Display in Menu"
    Option 1 - check the box
    Options 2 & 3 - uncheck the box
  5. Click Submit to save the folder
  6. Edit the index page in this new folder
  7. Fill in the Title
    For Option 3 - this will be the text displayed in the Related Links box
  8. In the section called Redirection, either use the chooser to select the internal Cascade page OR fill in the URL if it is an external site (including the http://)
  9. Save & Preview >> Submit >> Check Content & Submit then publish
    Option 1 - publish a folder level up to ensure the appropriate menus are updated
    Options 2 & 3 - you only need to publish your new folder