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Listing Folders

A listing folder is a special asset that comes pre-packaged with a special listing page. What is a listing page, you say? It brings the magic to your directory, announcement, news or feature sections by producing a formatted, clickable list of the pages within the same folder.

To get started building a news, announcements, directory or features section in your site, you'll need to create a "Listing Folder - News", "Listing Folder - Announcements", etc. If you need assistance, contact your Cascade Manager.

Learn more about the specific listing folder types:

Listing Folder - Announcements: List and summarize your site's announcements.

Listing Folder - Directory: Present a list of  your faculty or staff directory pages.

Listing Folder - Features: List and summarize all of your included feature pages.

Listing Folder - Files: Displays a maintenance-free list of the included files or documents.

Listing Folder - Stories: List and summarize all of your included news stories.

Listing Folder - Portfolio: Present a collection of slideshows organized into categories.

Note: Do not mix and match what kind of pages you put in the folder with the index page... announcements go with announcements, features go with features.