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Account Setup

Most social media sites have a relatively straightforward sign up process, with just a few clicks and keyboard strokes you can be up and running with your own account. Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting things up.


When choosing a username or ID for your account, try and incorporate "wm" (for "William & Mary") either as a prefix or suffix if possible (i.e. wm_admission or wmalumni). Similarly, when naming your account, include a reference to W&M ("W&M" or "William & Mary," note the use of the ampersand rather than the word "and"). If including W&M in your name does not fit with the branding of your organization, be sure to identify yourself as the "official" page in your bio or About section. By identifying yourself as being affiliated with W&M or naming yourself the official page, you lend credibility to your account so that viewers know the posts come from an authentic source and that it is not a parody, fake, or unauthorized account.


In addition to mentioning your "official" status, fill out as much information as you can in the "About" section or biography of your account. Depending on the site you're using you can supply a phone number, address, operating hours, etc. in addition to a general description. This section may be the first time your potential fans or followers have heard of you, so keep it short and sweet, but engaging and informative as well. Be sure to link to your website to provide that tie back to your main web presence and lend credibility to your account.

Profile Photos

Most sites ask you to supply a "profile photo" that's used to identify you and your posts on their site. The photo should be round (or look good when cropped to a circle) and something that is easily recognizable, even at a small size. Choose an image that uniquely identifies your organization, such as a group shot of your staff, a unique feature of your office or building, or something related to your subject matter. There are several W&M social media profile templates available via the University Brand Guidelines that can help get you started. If you are creating your own graphic, avoid using a generic W&M mark or any marks that are retired. If you already have a logo for your organization you are encouraged to use that, however, avoid creating any new imagery per the sub-brand guidelines.

Permissions and Privacy

Although the options are available, do not restrict conversations on Twitter by making your account private, or Facebook by not allowing posts or comments from others on your Page. Restricting interactions so that you are only broadcasting your message defeats the main purpose of social media: fostering a conversation. If you are worried about dealing with negative interactions or spam be sure to include a link to the W&M social media comment policy on your page and refer to that if you encounter a questionable comment or post. If you are unsure about the suitability of a particular post, contact the [[creative,campus Social Media Coordinator]] for assistance.