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So you've put in a lot of work generating great content for your social media channels, now how will people find you and your content?

Social Media in Cascade

You have a built in group of people that are almost guaranteed to be interested in what you're posting on social media: visitors to your website. If you're using Cascade for your site there's a simple way to add buttons to link to each of your social media channels, in one step, on every page of your site. Adding these buttons guarantees that wherever a visitor finds themselves on your site, they will be aware that you are present on social media. In addition, these buttons serve as an "official" endorsement for your social media sites and lend them credibility.

To highlight the content that you're posting on Twitter you can add a Twitter Listbox to your homepage or an interior page of your site.

If you're posting a News Story or Feature you can encourage readers to share your content by including a Share Bar. This feature allows folks to share the story via email, Facebook or Twitter.

W&M Social Stream

University Web & Design maintains an extensive list of social media channels of W&M-related groups on campus. This social media directory is a great spot to be found by folks who are new to W&M and can also serve as a great reference for finding W&M related content.

If you're not listed in Social Stream submit your info now!


Include links to your social media accounts on your marketing materials, in your work email signature, on posters, anywhere where your organization's name is out there.


What are some common keywords for your organization? Are there search terms you use in Google or phrases you utilize in your marketing pieces? These are good places to look for words that you can use as hashtags. By including hashtags on your post (whether it be on Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook) you are elevating the visibility of your post by making it easier for folks to find and interact with topics they are interested in (and searching for).