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Frequently Asked Questions

I received my new SPCC and in order to activate, a Verification ID is being requested. What is my Verification ID to activate my new SPCC?

The verification ID is 204 (W&M) or 268 (VIMS) followed by your six digit birthdate. Ex: 204mmddyy. 

When I Log into Works, I have a Flagged transaction showing on my home page under Action Items. How do I see why the transaction was Flagged?

In order to view Flagged transactions, click on Flagged from your home page, and this will bring you to all of your Flagged transactions. Hover over the document (TXN) number and select View Full Details using the black drop down arrow. Click on the Transaction tab, and you will be able to view under Comments why the transaction was Flagged and who flagged it. Address the flag accordingly, and then remove the Flag using the Actions drop down menu. You will be prompted to enter a Comment before removing the Flag. This is required and should be a brief explanation of how you corrected the Flag. Then click Ok. Follow the steps in the How to Address Flags in Works tutorial for more information. 

My department would like to purchase gift cards for certain employees and students in the office as recognition for exemplary service. Am I allowed to use my SPCC for this?

No. Gift cards are not an allowable expense on the SPCC. Gift cards include, but are not limited to: cash, vouchers, gift certificates, or vendor credits. For more information, visit the Gifts (Non-Cash), Awards and Recognition for Students & Employees section of the Small Purchase Matrix.

I will be out of the office for the summer, or other extended period of time, and will not be using my SPCC. Is there something I should do with my card before I leave?

Yes. Please email the Program Administrator with the dates you will be out of the office, and your SPCC will be placed in a temporary suspended status during this time. This is important because it minimizes the risk of your account being used while you are away and unable to log in to Works to view/reconcile transactions. If you are also an Approver in Works, the approval role for any Cardholders will need to be updated as well.

Do I still need to sign off on fraudulent/disputed charges and/or credits?

Yes. The transaction(s) posted to the account and must be reconciled even if they are fraudulent/disputed and/or credits. Complete reconciliation in Works as you normally would on any routine transaction (allocate/edit/update Banner description). Upload any receipts or supporting documentation if available. Leave a brief Comment in the Comments section during sign off in Works stating that the transaction was fraudulent/disputed and will be credited to your account.

Why is the SPCC Business Meal Form blank when I upload it to Works?

Instead of selecting "File, Save As" to save the business meal form, use the "File, Print to PDF" option. The business meal form will not appear blank when uploaded into Works and will also fall within size guidelines for compatible receipt attachments. Follow the steps in the Uploading Fillable Forms to Works tutorial for more information.

How can I see the reason for a card decline?

All attempts made on your SPCC appear on your authorization log. You can access your authorization log by logging into the Bank of America Works 4 system and locating the Accounts Dashboard on the Works homepage. Click on the Account ID (last 4 digits of your card) next to your name, and select the "View Auth Log" option from the drop-down menu. Your authorization log will appear as a pop-up box and show all authorizations made on your SPCC as well as the result of the attempt (e.g., authorized, declined, reversed, etc.). Cardholders are also encouraged to contact the Program Administrator (Laken Marley 1-2513) for assistance with card declines.

How do I request a change to my card limits or have a restriction removed from my card?

To request a limit change or an exception to one of your card restrictions, the cardholder should draft an email to their approver and copy the Program Administrator. The email should contain the cardholder's name, a business justification for the change, requested limit or exception, and whether the request is temporary or permanent. If temporary, please also include the date when the change should expire. The approver should "reply to all" with authorization to process the change. The Program Administrator can only process the change after this documentation is received. Requested changes may also be submitted by memorandum.

How do I run my monthly activity report in Works?

Procurement has automated monthly reports for all cardholders and approvers. These reports run roughly 3 days after the billing cycle closes (normally the 15th of each month). You can find this report in your Completed Reports screen in Works. If you would like to run an updated report, please follow the steps in our Running Your Monthly Transaction Report tutorial.

What is the deadline to reconcile transactions in Works?

Transactions must be reconciled in Works by the 23rd of the month in which the cycle closes. For example, transactions from a billing cycle ending on 2/15/16 must be reconciled by 2/23/16. All card transactions lock on the 24th of the month to allow auditing departments to review transactions.  Transactions may no longer be reallocated after they are locked. All cardholders are urged to reconcile transactions as they receive notification from the Bank of America Works 4 system. Do not wait until the end of the billing cycle to begin reconciling your transactions. You will not have enough time to complete the reconciliation process.

What are the requirements for receipts uploaded to Works?

You may attach up to 20 receipt documents to a transaction. Works supports files in the .pdf, .png, .jpg, .gif and .jpeg format. Each receipt must be less than 1MB in size. If your document size is greater than 1MB, you can try separating the receipt into multiple documents, deleting unnecessary pages or otherwise try to reduce the file size. PDF documents can be saved as a reduced size document by opening the document in Acrobat, clicking on File, Save as Other, and select Reduced Size PDF.