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System Changes

Why is W&M Procurement Services changing eProcurement software systems? 
W&M engaged a consultant to assist various digital leaders across the university to collaborate in identifying areas of opportunity and to align W&M with best-in-class universities for administrative operations. A true source to settle system that would be fully integrated with our Enterprise Resource Planning system was identified and proposed to executive leadership and approved. buyW&M will allow W&M to operate more efficiently and leverage the university's overall spend to save money.

Who will be impacted by buyW&M?
All persons who interact with Procurement Services will be impacted. Those that have or approve Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) orders, America-To-Go orders, eVA orders or submitting new vendors to be added into our systems for payment processing will be impacted.

Who can use the system? Is it required?
buyW&M will be required for use by all W&M and VIMS departments and their designated staff. It will replace W&M's existing procurement tool, eVA. This system will also add functionality that is not currently available – which will include electronic receiving, visibility of payments, and speed of visibility of payment on departments' budgets.

What happens to eVA?
buyW&M replaces eVA altogether. Immediately prior to launch, pending eVA transactions will be migrated to buyW&M. Users will continue to have access to view historical documents through either eVA or Banner.

Will W&M and our vendors still be required to register in eVA and pay fees on transactions processed in buyW&M?
Yes, vendors will still need to register in eVA and pay fees to the state. W&M will be required to send a daily file of PO transactions to the state. It will be used to bill vendors and W&M for the associated transaction fees. Both fees are required by statute and cannot be avoided.

What happens to Banner?
Banner remains W&M's financial system of record; however, certain transactions, like "receiving" will occur in buyW&M and feed to Banner. Further, Banner payment information will also feed back to JAGGAER to see if a purchase order payment has been processed and to view the invoice associated with the order all in one location.

Creating Requisitions / Orders

Why can’t I submit an order in buyW&M?

This is most likely due to your role in buyW&M, all users default to ‘shopper’ role, where you can create a cart and then assign your cart to the requester identified in your department.

I am listed as the index approver, why can’t I approve my requisition?

You either assigned the cart or submitted the order. The system is set up to avoid one person being able to create and approve the same order for internal controls purposes.

What are the types of requisitions and purchase orders?

There are essentially 3 types of requisitions/purchase orders in buyW&M.

  1. Non-catalog order – used if vendor doesn't’t have a punchout catalog – creating line(s) for the order from scratch
  2. Punchout Order – clicking out to the vendor’s catalog, adding items to your cart and bring those items back to buyW&M to complete allocation and approvals.
  3. Blanket Orders – for when you will have multiple invoices at different amounts for work provided to W&M (typically used for services)

How do I create a Requisition/Purchase Order?

 Follow the step by step ordering how to guide.

Where is my requisition in the approval flow?
Requisition shows in progress, why has the vendor not received the order?

Look up your requisition by the requisition number in the search bar or click on Orders à My Orders à My Requisitions to find the requisition you want to review. Click on the requisition number, on the right-hand side of screen, click on What’s Next? to see where the requisition is in the approval flow. To check who is able to approve the order, click on the approver role to see who is able to approve.

How do I place an order to a punchout vendor for a non-catalog item?

Many vendors have the ability to allow you to pull the special order quote from the punchout. Check with the vendor before creating a non-catalog order. If vendor cannot, create a non-catalog order and choose the vendor from the vendor table and submit. Check out the ordering how to guide.

How do I create a “Blanket Order”?

Blanket POs are best used when: you will have multiple invoices at different amounts for work provided to W&M (typically used for services).

How do I create a trade-in requisition?

Follow these directions to complete a trade in requisition.

How do I withdraw a requisition?

From the drop down above the Summary tab, select, Withdraw Entire Requisition.

Withdrawing / Canceling / Editing a Requisition or Order

How do I withdraw a requisition?

From the drop down above the Summary tab, select Withdraw Entire Requisition.

How do I cancel an order?

Submit a Purchase Order Cancellation request form found on the Shopping Dashboard under Procurement Forms & Links.

I forgot/need to edit something on my completed PO what do I do?

To update a completed purchase order, you will need to complete a change order.

Purchase Order Notifications

The vendor said they never received an order, what do I do?

Submit a buyW&M Help Desk Ticket with the PO information for the buyW&M admin to research the distribution contact on the associated PO to validate and resend the PO.  If the fulfillment contact needs to be updated, please provide that information so the administrator can update the vendor account and resend the PO through buyW&M to the vendor.

What do I do if the Purchase Order is stuck in the “Invalid Distribution” workflow step?

Contact the buyW&M Help Desk and provide the purchase order number and vendor name to your ticket. 

What do I do if the vendor wants to substitute an item?

If the item is the same price then you do not need to update your order.  If the substitute item is a different price/quantity then you’ll need to process a change request to update the line item to the substitute item.

Change Orders / Change Requests

What is a change request?

 A change request is essentially Jaggaer’s verbiage for a change order – this is to be used when you need to make updates to a purchase order: typically for – pricing (increase or decrease), or quantity (increase or decrease).

As the shopper/requester, you are responsible for creating the changes and adding a comment as to what updates were made to the original order before submitting.

 How do I do a change order?

To learn when and why to create a change order, follow the step by step guide.

How does a change order relate to Banner?

Once a change request is fully approved, it will sync to the Purchase Order to make the proper updates.  Once the PO is updated in buyW&M, the order will export to Banner to make the updates to the encumbrance.

Can you create a change request / order for a “Blanket Order”?

You can create a change order for a blanket PO to increase or decrease the amount of the order on the existing lines, but you cannot create a new line for a blanket PO via a change order.

Change Orders for Punchout Orders

All punchout vendors do not allow for change orders due to potential difference in pricing/quantities in stock from when the initial cart/order was originally created. Once items from a punchout are pulled back into the buyW&M shopping cart, the punchout session cannot be reentered to make changes. If additional items are needed or changes need to be made, a new cart must be created and a new punchout session needs to be initiated. 

Do you need to create a change order? If so, is it to include shipping?

If shipping is less than $100, you can follow     guide to add the shipping to the invoice.

If changes are needed after the order has been placed and PO generated, only changes to qnatities or removing items is allowable. Pricing changes or additional items are needed, a new PO must be created.