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Vendor Management

In order for purchase orders and direct payment requests to be completed, vendors must be active in the buyW&M system.  Effective 6/15/21, the DocuSign Vendor Create Form is replaced by the buyW&M Vendor Create process.  Please refer to the following Vendor Create processes flowchart and various guides listed below to ensure your vendors are active in buyW&M.

New Vendor Requests
To submit a request to invite a new procurement or fiscal vendor to register into the buyW&M system, please refer to:
TSM Vendor Request Guide

To submit a request to invite a vendor that is exempt from providing a W8 or W9 such a refund or payroll vendor, please refer to:
W8/W9 Vendor Request Guide
Vendors Refusing to Register
If you have a vendor that is refusing to register into the new buyW&M, system please refer to the Add Internally Managed Vendor Request Form. An email from the vendor indicating that they refuse to register is required.
Students and Employees
All active students and employees have been imported into buyW&M. If you have a student that needs to provide a tax document to receive a 1099 reportable payment, please refer to the Student Profile Change Request Form Guide
Address Updates
If you need to add a remit address to the vendors profile in order to pay the vendor invoice, please refer to the Address Update Request Form Guide