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AMP encourages co-sponsorship with other student organizations.  In the event that another group wishes to co-sponsor an event with AMP, the following guidelines apply:

  1. All publicly must bear the name of both organizations.
  2. The event must be in keeping with the AMP mission statement.
  3. A representative from each organization must be present throughout the duration of the event.
  4. Participating organizations in the co-sponsorship shall agree on the responsibilities of each organization as a part of the planning process.
  5. Both organizations shall take equal part in the planning of the event; it should not be the case that one organization "tacks on" to the event of another organization or simply helps staff or fund the event for another organization.
  6. The decision of entrance fees must be agreed upon by the two organizations and division of revenue must be decided by both organizations prior to the event.
  7. The contract person from the co-sponsoring organization must attend a meeting with the sponsoring committee chair and advisor prior to the event.
  8. An evaluation of the co-sponsored event must be completed within on week by each organization and returned to the AMP advisor.
  9. AMP many not host or co-sponsor events which fundraise money for any cause either through ticket sales, sales of goods within the event, or collection of donations.

It is requested that these terms be put in writing and signed in agreement by both parties for every co-sponsored event.

Students can submit a request for a co-sponsored through the AMP TribeLink page.