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Preferred Name, Pronouns & Systems

The University encourages self-expression and affirmation of identity and W&M is committed to using student preferred names and pronouns when institutional and technical capabilities permit. The list below will be updated as the use of student preferred name and pronouns in Banner and related systems is expanded.

Note: not all systems may be captured in the list below. Only systems related to the operations of the University Registrar are currently included.

Locations Using Student Preferred Name & Pronouns
System Location Type Viewable to
Banner 9 Self-Service Class List Preferred Name, Pronouns Faculty/Staff
Faculty Grade Entry Preferred Name Faculty/Staff
Student Profile Preferred Name, Pronouns Faculty/Staff, Students
Student Registration (menu bar, top corner) Preferred Name Students
Student Records > View Grades Preferred Name Students
Student Self-Service (menu bar, top corner) Preferred Name Students
Degree Works Throughout Preferred Name, Pronouns Faculty/Staff, Students
Blackboard Throughout Preferred Name Faculty/Staff, Students
Locations Using Student Legal Name

In Banner Self-Service, student preferred names will be used where technology allows. Currently, student preferred names cannot be displayed in faculty registration overrides, self-service landing pages, or in older Banner applications.

Additionally, faculty members typically print or download their class lists at the beginning of the term. If you update your preferred name in the middle of the semester, you should make sure to let your faculty members know in case they are using a class list from before your preferred name update.

The University is required to record a student’s legal name and sex on formal records to comply with federal law for transactions including but not limited to financial aid, transcripts, enrollment verifications, and immigration documents (Reves Center). A more complete list can be found in the Preferred Name, Personal Pronoun and Gender Identity Policy


If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at [[w|registrar]] or (757) 221-2800.