Families of New Freshmen and Transfers

AP/IB/Cambridge Exam Scores

If your student has taken examinations in any of these programs, please help your student locate his or her testing ID and contact the testing agencies as soon as you pay the enrollment deposit, to be certain that the scores are on their way to William & Mary.

  • AP exams taken before the senior year often are not reported with the senior year scores, sometimes because the student did not include the SSN or used a name variation.  It takes time for us to match the scores we received in the past with your student’s new academic record, so please encourage your student to check on this EARLY in the summer.
  • We only use the SSN for matching purposes, and it really helps.  Please allow and encourage your student to memorize the SSN and to use it when testing.
  • We usually receive AP scores in late June.  AP scores, IF the SSN is used at testing and also on the application for admission, are automatically reviewed, and credits are posted to the student’s W&M transcript very shortly after receipt. 
  • Encourage your student to run a Degree Evaluation in Banner Self Service via myWM sometime in early July to see credits.  Your student can see course exemptions in Student Self Service via my WM on the "View Test Scores" link.  Also encourage your student to run a transcript from time to time.
  • IB scores generally arrive throughout July, and they are manually reviewed.

Transfer Credit 

If your student is transferring or has dual enrollment credit from another institution, the transcripts he or she submitted with the application will be reviewed by our office in June (for Fall) or early January (for Spring).  If the student was enrolled at another college at the time of admission, then he or she should order updated transcripts, showing credit for the final term’s classes, to be sent NOT to Admission, but directly to our office:

Office of the University Registrar
PO Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA  23187

Don't Panic!

If your student’s credit is not all in place when registration begins,don't panic, but do have the student contact our office ([[tlpote]] or 757-221-2823).  If the pre-collegiate credits are for classes the student will use as prerequisites (e.g., student will receive credit for MATH 111 and wants to take MATH 112 in the fall), then s/he will not be able to register for the second class until the score credits are in place.