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Fall 2018 Exam Schedule


Fall 2018 Exam Schedule/Excel - as of 12/11/18 12:00pm

Please confirm with instructor prior to exam date.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Schools of Business and Education

Exams will meet according to the schedule published here at the beginning of each semester's registration period. Unless informed otherwise, classes will meet in the regular classroom. Requests for larger rooms should be made by the instructor via email to the [[zimmer,Academic Scheduling Coordinator]] in our office.

  • Exams are based on the START DAY & TIME of the class, no matter how many time periods it crosses, e.g., a class meeting from 8:00 - 9:50 MW would hold its exam in the 8:00 MWF time period.
  • NO exams will be held on the reading days.
  • Classes that begin on the quarter or half hour on MW will have their exam in the time block reflected by the whole hour, e.g., a class meeting at 10:30 MW will have its exam with 10:00 MWF block.
  • Classes meeting at NON-STANDARD times on TR will have their exams with the time block immediately preceding, e.g., a class meeting at 2:30 pm on TR will have its exam in the 2:00 pm TR time block. A class that meets at 1:00 pm on TR will have its exam in the 12:30pm time block.
  • Classes that meet only one or two days per week will have their exams with the time block represented by the traditional listing (MWF or TR).

Block exams for courses with multiple sections may be requested, prior to the beginning of registration for the term, through the [[zimmer,Academic Scheduling Coordinator]]. For a class that does not have a meeting time but needs a room for an in-class exam, [[zimmer,contact the Academic Scheduling Coordinator]].

Review the Academic Regulations in the undergraduate course catalog for additional information on Final Exams.

Key to Symbols

Class Meeting Days
M: Monday; T: Tuesday; W: Wednesday; R: Thursday; F: Friday; S: Saturday; U: Sunday
Classes meeting on Tuesday and Thursday will be listed TR.

Fall 2018

Dates & Days

First Period

9:00-12:00 noon

Second Period


 Third Period


December 8-9

Saturday and Sunday
 Reading Days

December 10

9:00am MWF

3:30pm TR

-2:00pm or later F only

-BUAD 350

December 11


3:30 p.m. MW or MF or MWF or WF

10:00 a.m. MWF

-4:00pm or later W only
-BUAD 203

December 12


12:00 noon MWF

Modern Languages

101, 103, 201, 203

-4:00pm or later

M or MW or MWF or MF

-BUAD 323 

-CSCI 140/141 (electronic submission)

December 13

8:00am MWF

11:00am TR

-4:00pm or later

T only or R only or TR

-BIOL 203

December 14


MATH 104, 106, 111, 112, 212, 451, 551

2:00pm MW or MF or MWF or WF

-BUAD 301

-HISP 207

-CHEM 207

December 15/16

Saturday & Sunday

 Reading Days

December 17

12:30 p.m. TR 1:00 p.m. MWF

Exam time for classes

without regular meeting

days and times

December 18

9:30 am TR 2:00pm TR


December 19



11:00am MWF

8:00am TR