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V. Use of Personal Vehicles

 In addition to the general requirements for vehicle use, the following applies to the operation of personal vehicles for university business or university-related activities. 

 A.   Insurance.  In the event of an accident involving a personal vehicle, even if occurring while driven on university business, the vehicle owner's vehicle insurance policy serves as the source of coverage for personal liability and collision damage.  Therefore, personal vehicles may not be driven on university business or for university-related activities unless they are covered by current liability insurance.  If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, he or she must be a covered or permitted driver under the insurance policy (for example, insurance policies generally cover drivers who have the vehicle owner's permission to drive the vehicle). 

B.   Driver Authorization.  Faculty, employees, volunteers and students must complete and submit to the appropriate official (see D below) a Driver Authorization Form (Faculty/Staff Driver Authorization Form (PDF) and Student Driver Authorization Form (PDF)) prior to driving a personally-owned vehicle in two situations:

  1. driving (other) students or employees on university business or for a university-related activity or
  2. trips for which approval is sought through submission of a Travel Authorization Form

 Driver authorization for use of personal vehicles requires:

  • certification that the driver has a valid driver's license,
  • information about driving history,
  • confirmation that the driver has read and agrees to comply with this policy, and
  • certification of vehicle insurance and condition of vehicle, including valid inspection.

C.  University units including Student Activities, Student Volunteer Services, and Recreational Sports may impose additional requirements and restrictions on use of personal vehicles.

 D.  Unit Responsibilities. Units must review, approve or decline, and maintain Driver Authorization Forms, in accordance with Section III(B)(1).  Units are NOT responsible for ensuring that all drivers of personal vehicles covered by this policy submit Driver Authorization Forms -- submission of Driver Authorization Forms is the driver's responsibility -- but units should make reasonable efforts to promote awareness of this policy.  Units shall designate an individual or class of individuals (e.g., any Associate Dean) to perform these functions.  The university's Risk Manager may be contacted for guidance or training in reviewing Driver Authorization Forms.