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Crime Prevention Tips

In your residence...
  1. Remember to lock your door. Even if you are only leaving your room for a few minute. It only takes a minute for cash or jewelry to be taken from your dresser.
  2. Do not prop exterior doors. Propping doors open is an invitation to unauthorized persons, some of whom may enter buildings for the purpose of committing crimes. If you see a propped door anywhere on campus, please close it.
  3. Do not buy magazines or perfume from people who come to your door. These people have not and will not be given authority to sell their products in the residence halls. Often, these may be the same people who come back later and steal your valuables.
  4. Do not lend your key or card key to anyone.
  5. Do not leave your keys sitting out in the open.
  6. Do not keep large sums of money in your room.
  7. Always find out who is knocking on your door before you open it.
While walking or jogging...
  1. Do not walk or jog alone if at all possible. Remember the ESCORT service provide by Alpha Phi Omega - Phone: 221-3293.
  2. Do not wear ear phones while jogging.
  3. Always plan your routes with safety in mind.Only walk or jog in well-lighted and well-traveled areas.
  4. Always stay alert and tuned in to your surroundings.
  5. Don't daydream.
  6. Do not take shortcuts if it means walking alone in untraveled or unlighted areas.
  7. Walk with confidence. Don't just look at the ground, make eye contact with the people you meet.
While in your car...

Preventive maintenance is the name of the game. Keep your car tuned up. Make sure your windshield wipers, tires, fan belts, hoses, lights, and turn signals are all operating and in good condition. Check all fluids regularly.

  1. Always lock your doors.
  2. Always wear your safety belt.
  3. NEVER pick up hitch hikers.
  4. Keep a "Help Needed" sign in your car.
  5. Make frequent stops to keep from getting fatigued. When you do stop, make sure it is at a well-lighted area and is not isolated from other people and traffic.
  6. Should your car break down, pull off the road onto the shoulder, put your hood up, a "HELP NEEDED CALL POLICE" banner in the rear window, or a flag from your window.
  7. Never get out your car if a passing motorist stops. Just ask them to call the police.
  8. Do not accept rides from other motorists.
For your property...
  1. Keep a list of all serial numbers, model information, and other identifying characteristics handy in a safe place.
  2. Engrave your property with an identifying number such as your Student ID number. This will aid the police in returning your property to you should it be stolen and then recovered. The police CANNOT return property to you if you cannot positively identify it.
  3. Register your bicycle with the William and Mary Police. Having your bicycle information on file with the police will help them to return your stolen or missing bicycle. This service is free of charge. Find out more about bike registration.
  4. Do not keep large amounts of cash in your room.
  5. Leave your family heirlooms or valuable jewelry at your home. Bringing them with you to college only increases the possibility of theft or loss.
While you are on break...
  1. Stow your prized possessions out of sight - in a closet, locked trunk, or campus storage - or take them home.
  2. Be sure to lock windows and doors. Before you leave - double check.
  3. Own a bicycle? Take it home with you or lock it to a stationary object in your room.
  4. Unplug those basic necessities - TV, Stereo, Refrigerator (Clean it out first!), Microwave, Computer, Iron, Coffee Pot.
  5. Don't forget your friends - whether they are feathered, furry, finned, or foliated.
  6. If anyone you know is staying around, ask them to keep an eye on your place while you are gone.
  1. Stay in groups with people you know - wandering off alone is dangerous.
  2. Always be aware of your surroundings and of strangers who are eager to befriend you.
  3. If you consume alcohol - do it moderately and always use a designated driver.
  4. In some states it is against the law to have open containers of alcohol in the car. Florida is one of them!
  5. Don't carry a lot of cash! Traveler's Checks are just as handy and can be replaced.
  6. Don't take or wear your most expensive jewelry. It can attract trouble.