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Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research is the university’s trusted provider of accurate, timely, and unbiased research-based data regarding the university. Our office turns data into information and delivers expert data analysis to inform university decision-makers at all levels in support of the university’s Mission through the following primary functions and responsibilities:

  • Data collection, verification, and validation via university census data creation through collaborations with university data stewards
  • University data analysis and research support to inform decision-makings at all academic and administrative levels
  • University’s Compliance reporting: IPEDS, SCHEV, SACSCOC institutional accreditation data support, and other federal agencies such as NSF, NCES, DOE.
  • Work closely with Data Governance and Analytics teams across the university to improve business processes and quality of supporting data and provide oversight for use of university regulatory data.
  • Guidebook and ranking reporting and other external reporting regarding the university
  • University data Fact Book publication and data fluency education