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Project Management Service Level Agreement


The Information Technology Department has adopted a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to guide its project management. The goals of our SLA are

  • to improve management performance,
  • to provide more effective project and resource allocation and tracking,
  • to reduce project risk, and
  • to improve project communication.

Our SLA was initially developed to guide IT projects. However, as our projects increasingly involve representatives from other departments, we have expanded our original SLA to include these scenarios. Our goal with this SLA is to create a structure and provide leadership, guidance and management to ensure project efficiency and success.


The scope of this SLA is as follows:

  • a Project Manager will be assigned to lead the efforts of both IT and functional team members on any project requiring a significant commitment of IT resources;
  • IT will supply a web-based project management tool accessible by all project members;
  • training and assistance will be given in setting up the project site and using Tool features.
  • functional users assume administration of the site once created and IT will troubleshoot and answer questions;
  • IT will share ownership and responsibility for timely completion of the project.

Note: It will not take full responsibility for project budgets, schedules, and deliverables if our SLA and PM tools are not used.

Project Management Services

IT Project Management services cover three critical areas:

  • Project Managers: IT project managers are responsible for the progress and timely completion of a project. Their role is to facilitate team interaction and organizing project meetings, maintain project notes and status, inform key stakeholders of progress, and ultimately close projects once complete.
  • PM Method: our SLA guides a project through the five, industry accepted project lifecycle phases, and defines what procedures and checkpoints are followed during each project phase.
  • PM Tools: IT holds a multi-user license for an easily-accessible, web-based project management tool to centralize project activity and files in a single site.