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Is this new?

Only the process of agreeing to the Financial Responsibility Agreement is new.  Prior to September 2023, the Statement of Student Responsibilities was available on W&M’s website.

What is the purpose of the FRA?

By reading and agreeing to the FRA, students acknowledge that they understand that enrollment in classes and/or receipt of some services will create a financial obligation that requires the student to pay all charges that are posted to their student account. It also specifies what will happen if charges are not paid in full, so students are fully informed not only about their financial responsibility, but also the potential consequences that can occur when student account balances are not paid in a timely manner. Finally, it provides permission for the university to provide specific services to students for which William & Mary needs consent in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

Why do I have to sign the FRA?

This agreement, in conjunction with the Bursar’s website, helps define the university’s expectations for payment, and allows us to clearly inform students of policies related to billing, late payment penalties, contact methods, etc.

How do I get a copy of the FRA?

Each time you electronically sign the FRA, a copy will be sent to your university email account. This way, you can keep a record of your agreement. The university will also maintain a copy for its own records. You can review the text of the agreement here LINK.

What happens if I refuse to agree to the FRA?

Signing the FRA is a requirement for enrolling in classes at W&M.

How often do I sign the FRA?

The FRA must be completed at least once every academic year.

Do I still need to complete an FRA if someone else is responsible for paying my account?

Students are ultimately responsible for their account charges, including any unpaid balances resulting from cancellation or default of a third-party payment, and therefore must sign an FRA. This applies to students registered by college offices in cohorts or groups, who are also responsible for incurred charges and thus must complete the FRA. Please see additional information about outside scholarships & third-party payments here LINK.

Why must I sign the FRA if my tuition and fees are covered by financial aid or third-party payment?

It is possible that fully funded students will accrue charges on their account that are not covered by financial aid or that a change may occur in enrollment and/or aid eligibility that results in an unpaid balance. Students may also add services such as housing or meal plans or incur additional charges like fines not covered by external sources or financial aid. Please see additional information about outside scholarships & third-party payments here LINK.

I am a graduate student receiving a university fellowship or grant, do I need to sign the FRA?

Graduate students must sign the FRA, as they bear responsibility for any expenses not covered by university awards. Typically, fellowships, endowments, or grants for graduate students are managed internally by their department and the Financial Aid Office. Should a student's account lack the anticipated award, we advise reaching out to the department to verify the proper allocation of funds to their account.

What should I do if my student account includes an unexpected charge?

If you have questions about the unexpected charges on your student account (charges as a result of administrative, or clerical errors), please contact the Bursar Office at [[bursar]] to to review your account and resolve the billing questions.

Why do I have a registration hold and cannot enroll in classes?

Students who did not sign the FRA agreement prior to registration will receive a Financial Responsibility hold that will prevent them from registering for classes. The restrictive hold will be lifted as soon as the FRA is signed. More information about eBills and holds can be found here LINK.

How quickly can I enroll after completing the FRA?

Once the agreement is completed, the FRA hold will be immediately removed, and students can proceed with registering for courses.

How do I complete the agreement?
  • Click on the LINK to access the FRA form (DocuSign).
  • Enter your student credentials to access secure agreement.
  • Read the pre-filled agreement (name, student ID, term).
  • Click Sign.
  • A copy of the signed document will be emailed to your W&M email address.
If I have additional questions regarding the FRA, who should I reach out to?

Please contact the Bursar Office at [[bursar]] if you have any questions regarding the FRA. More information about our Tuition & Fees can be found here LINK.