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Laboratory Glassware Disposal

Broken glassware is any laboratory glassware that does not contain or is not contaminated with any radioactive material, more than a trace amount of chemicals, or any biohazardous material. Broken glassware must be collected in approved glassware disposal containers. The container is cardboard and lined with a plastic bag. Research labs can request more broken glassware containers from EH&S and teaching labs receive these from their department.

To dispose of a full container:

  • take off the top and close the bag
  • fold over the cover attached to the top to cover the hole in the top
  • replace the top and securely tape the container closed
  • put the closed container outside of your lab for Building Services to dispose of, or take the closed container to the nearest garbage dumpster

Do NOT put these containers in recycling dumpsters.


Glass Disposal Container