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What kind of medical oversight is there for William & Mary’s AED Program?

The AED Program has a Medical Director who is responsible for the review and approval of the training program as well as the protocols of AED use and the certification process. The Medical Director reviews every event in which an AED is used and is available to conduct post-incident sessions for university employees involved in AED use. AED units at William & Mary are used under the direction of Virginia Wells, MD.

Who coordinates the AED Program?

The EH&S office staff coordinates the AED program on campus.  They serve as the point of contact for William & Mary and are available in person, by phone or e-mail to answer any questions from individuals interested in the program.

What training is required before I can use an AED?

There are two options for training regard the use of an AED.  The first is a general knowledge training that takes about 30 – 45 minutes.  This training does not provide a certification; instead it is just familiarization training for the AED.  The second and best option to utilize an AED to the full extent is to complete the certification for CPR/AED.  This training takes approximately 4 hours and provides a 2 year certification on CPR/AED. 

How can I be trained in the use of an AED?

William & Mary faculty and staff interested in being trained in the use of an AED should contact the EH&S office at

How can I get an AED in my building?

If you are interested in having an AED unit installed in your building please email requesting an AED purchase and assistance with site placement. The email must include a banner index number for the purchase, as each department is responsible for the purchase, maintenance, and training costs associated with the AED unit.

How much does an AED unit cost?

The list price for an AED unit is approximately $1500. This includes the fast response kit, cabinet and signage for the unit.

Are there any on-going costs to support the AED once I purchase one?

There are two types of on-going costs to support your AED unit. The batteries must be replaced approximately every 4 years, and the pads for the AED unit have a 2 year shelf life. Also, if the AED unit is used you will need to replace the unit’s battery and pads before it can be put back into service.