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Laboratory Coats

The EH&S Office manages the university's lab coat laundering service for research labs. PI's and supervisors of research laboratories are responsible for choosing how many coats of what type they would like in their lab. Dirty coats are collected on Tuesdays and clean coats are returned to their assigned lab on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. Lab coats are not to be taken home.

White lab coats are intended to protect the user's clothing from contamination with biological, chemical, or radioactive materials. These are available with rib knit cuffs and without.

 Standard FileStandard File

Blue lab coats are flame resistant and provide a CAT 1 arc rating and are NFPA® 2112 compliant. These have rib knit cuffs and should be used when handling large quantities of flammable liquids and/or lab work where flame flashback is likely. 

Standard File

Once soiled, the lab coat must be deposited in a hamper for collection and cleaning.

Hampers are located in:

  • ISC 1043 (chemistry storage room)
  • ISC 2082 (2nd floor autoclave room)
  • ISC 3068 (3rd floor autoclave room)
  • Vivarium
  • Population Lab
If you are outside of ISC or the Population Lab, please contact EH&S at for pickup.

For questions on the lab coat laundering service, please email