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Environmental Health & Safety

Mission and Goals

We are committed to protecting people and environment by conserving our natural resources and maintaining a healthful and safe environment for present and future generations.  To assure fulfillment of our commitment, William & Mary has adopted the following environmental quality and safety goals:

  • Demonstrate leadership in environmental protection and improvement.
  • Minimize adverse environment, safety, and health impacts while contributing to a fully functional university.
  • Incorporate the consideration for the environment as an integral part of the institutional planning process.
  • Initiate aggressive action to comply with all federal, state, and local occupational safety, health, and environmental quality regulations.
  • Support programs to prevent pollution and minimize the generation of waste. 
  • Maintain a safe work, living and academic environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Contact Data for Assistance

All Emergencies:  DIAL  911

Immediate EH&S Assistance 24/7: (757) 221-1643

Two column table of contact information.

Director, EH&S

Teresa Belback

(757) 221-2146

EH&S Officer

Megan Beagle

(757) 221-2288

EH&S Specialist

Crystal Taylor

(757) 221-6450

EH&S Specialist

Ryan Wright

(757) 221-1523

Fire Safety Officer

Dave LaPlante

(757) 221-1745

Fire Safety Inspector

Jeff Whitaker

(757) 221-1471

EH&S Email