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SAS Testing Center

Our Testing Center is located in Suite 181 on the first floor of the Sadler Center.  Consisting of 22 general seating desks, 2 adjustable height desks, one CCTV magnifier for visually impaired students, and two individual rooms. The SAS Testing Center will be open between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students registered with SAS who receive approved testing accommodations can choose to take their exams in the Testing Center.

photo of the testing center with student desks and proctor's desk on the side of the room.


SAS Testing Center Policies
To book an appointment in the Testing Center, students must request a testing appointment at least 72 hours in advance through Accommodate. Students must communicate with their professors and remind or notify them at least one week (7 days) prior to the exam to ensure that the professor can make arrangements to provide the test to SAS. We cannot guarantee testing accommodations if students have not given professors due notice and made arrangements for their accommodations accordingly.
Making reservations for the SAS Testing Center 
  • Log on to Accommodate
  • Select the green "Testing Room" tab on the top right
  • Select "Booking Request" on the bottom left, and enter the course and details as prompted.
Our staff will contact the student's professor to arrange for the test accommodations. If students have difficulty booking through the website, please email or call 757-221-2512 for assistance. Please note: The SAS Testing Center is reserved for students who are registered with SAS and have been approved for testing accommodations. You must schedule an appointment in advance in order to test in the SAS Testing Center. 

Please allow sufficient time to complete your exam when you set your reservation time. Students must obtain professor agreement to schedule exams at an alternative date/time. 

Taking Exams in the SAS Testing Center

Students report to Sadler Center 181 for their scheduled exam. Students must keep all belongings other than what is necessary to complete the exam in the SAS Office during the exam period. Students are prohibited from bringing cell phones unless it is an approved testing accommodation.

Once students arrive to the Testing Center, they will be asked to check in via QR code. Once checked in by the front-desk staff, students will be asked to place all of their belongings in a locker, which remains locked until students complete their exam. Ear plugs are provided if students would like. Students then are led to their assigned desk by the proctor and provided information given by the professor for the exam. Proctors will let students know when their time has elapsed and students will turn in their exam in the appropriate way and their assigned locker will be unlocked so that the student can retrieve their belongings.  

We ask students to be mindful of their own behavior (such as avoiding perfumes, colognes, and keeping extraneous noises to a minimum) to minimize distractions for other students in the Center. Food and drink must be approved through SAS. 

Upon completion of the exam, students report to the Testing Proctor or office assistant. Our staff then will upload the student's exam contents to the Accommodate portal, and the professor will have access to open and download the student's exam through Accommodate.