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Time Management and Organization Apps for Students

There are numerous apps that can help college students stay organized and improve time management. Below are some examples and suggestions of productivity apps that some students may find helpful. However, every student is different and we encourage students to explore all the options available in order to find something that fits their individual needs. 

iStudiez/iStudiez Pro (iOS)

  • iStudiez was named the Best College Student App in 2011. While the Pro version is $2.99, reviews by students show that the cost is worth it. This app allows you to input your class schedule and set reminders before class everyday so that you never forget where you’re going. It also keeps track of assignments and their due dates, along with exams. One of the best things about this app is that you can customize a grading scale. You can input your grades for completed assignments and exams, and the app will automatically calculate your GPA based on your school’s grading scale and the grades that you have recorded.
  • Price: $2.99

Remember the Milk (iOS and Android)

  • This is the ultimate to-do list app. You can create lists of things you need to accomplish on a specific day and organize these lists according to different parts of your life (school, work, personal, etc.). The app breaks down all your tasks by day or by week, and you can set reminders and recurring tasks. Great for organizing the many things a busy student has to accomplish in a day or week.
  • Price: Basic: Free, Upgrade: $39.99 per year (iOS and Android)

  • is very similar to Remember the Milk. This app allows you to organize your day by creating reminders, to-do lists, notes, and events for each day. You can set recurring tasks for things you do on a regular basis. This app is known for its simple interface that makes it easy to use. It also syncs across multiple devices.
  • Price: Account: Free, Premium Yearly Subscription: $26.99, Premium Monthly Subscription: $2.99

2Do (iOS and Android)

  • This is a time management tool for the visual learner. It organizes your tasks using color coding so that you can distinguish tasks by type (school, work, personal). It won "App of the Year 2015" from Macstories. You can try it out with a 21-day trial on their website, but after that, you must purchase the app.
  • Price: iPhone and iPad: $7.99, Mac: $24.99, Android: $3.80

myHomework (iOS and Android)

  • This app is geared directly to students of any level and focuses specifically on homework/assignment planning. Users can set up times, due dates, and calendars for homework assignments. You can also input your course schedule, along with reminders for classes. 
  • Price: Free

Timetable (Android)

  • Timetable is very similar to iStudiez above. It also keeps track of classes and assignments and uses color coordination. You can view your day or your week at a glance, and it keeps track of complete and incomplete tasks and assignments.
  • Price: Free

Studious (iOS and Android)

  • Students can input their class schedules with Studious, and the app will actually silence your phone during these times. You can also set the app to remind you when homework assignments are due and when your tests are scheduled. Studious comes with maps of college and university campuses so that you will never get lost. This app even connects with Facebook.
  • Price: Free

 Self Control (Mac)

  • Self Control blocks your access to the internet or to apps of your choosing for a certain period of time to allow you to get things done without distractions.
  • Price: Free

AppDetox (Android)

  • This is basically the Android version of Self Control for Mac. AppDetox will block certain apps that you specify for a certain amount of time to keep them from distracting you while you work.

Forest (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome, Firefox)

  • Forest is an app that helps you put down your phone and focus on what is more important in your life. Whenever you want to focus on your work, you open the app and "plant a seed in the forest". In the next 30 minutes, your seed will grow into a large tree. However, if you navigate away from the app within that 30 minutes, your tree will wither and die. At the end of the day, you will "own" a forest filled with trees (or some withered twigs) and every tree represents 30 minutes that you have worked hard. 
  • Price: Chrome and Firefox: Free, Windows Phone: $.99, iPhone: $1.99, Android: Free 

My Study Life (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and the internet)

  • My Study Life is everything your paper planner is and more. It allows you to input your class schedule and all your assignments for each class. You can also enter information about your professors like their email address and office hours. My Study Life will send you reminders about incomplete tasks, upcoming classes, and exams and it allows you to track your progress on tasks by percentages. 
  • Price: Free