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DCSI Class of 2011 and Internships

National Security Institute
Community Engagement Institute

Ryan Blackwell '12

The Woodrow Wilson Center

Jenna Brightwell '12

Boys and Girls Club of America

Jessica Bowden '13

National Defense University

Rachel Fybel '14

United Nations Foundation

Allison Callery '11

Transporation Security Administration

Nicholas Hampson '13

Bipartisan Policy Center

Wenfan Chen '13

Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs

Ahmed Khokar '13

The Potomac School

Tucker Cole '11

Department of Justice, Office of International Affairs

Sarah Kirsch '11

The Asia Foundation

Melani Delo '12

The Truman Project

Jonathan Marlton '13

Virginia Poverty Law Center

Christopher Downs '12

Defense Intelligence Agency

Kathleen McLean '13

Volunteers of America

Erich Hartman '13

The Hudson Institute

Emma Merrill '13

The Jane Goodall Institute

Elizabeth Hennemuth '13

Department of Justice, Office of International Affairs

William Morris '11

Urban Prep Charter School

Devin Hernandez '12

Department of Defense

James Morton '12

National Conference on Citizenship

Heather McCormic '13

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)

Taylor Nelson '13

Global Playground

Katherine McGinnis '12

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Avery Newton '13

Civic Enterprises

Tyler Minnich '13

Transportation Security Administration

Brittany Russell '12

NAACP, Washington Bureau

James O'Leary '12

National Defense University

Madelyn Smith '13

National Conference on Citizenship

Margaret Reeb '11


Allison Tse '11

Environmental Law Institute

William Shimer '13

The Stimson Center

Alec Sieber '13

Customs and Border Protection

Wesley Stukenbroeker '13

Department of Justice, Office of International Affairs

Nicholas Zaremba '12

US Coast Guard