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Affiliated Scholars Program

Title: Affiliated Scholars Program
Effective Date: January 26, 1999
Responsible Office: Provost
Last Updated: First Version

On occasion, there are members of the local community* who have professional academic credentials but have not found appropriate employment opportunities. To enhance opportunities for such academically qualified persons to continue their professional development through research, scholarship, and creative activities in an academic environment, the College has created the Affiliated Scholars Program.

Eligibility to apply for designation as an Affiliated Scholar is restricted to members of the local community. Applicants must have academic credentials equivalent to those of William and M faculty, including the terminal degree normally required of faculty in the discipline. Applications for appointment must be reviewed by the faculty and have the endorsement of the appropriate dea and, where applicable, the chair of the department relevant to the applicant's discipline.

Appointment is initiated by the host department or school submitting a letter of nomination, together with the individual's curriculum vitae and any other supporting documentation, to the Provost. The Provost may make appointments for up to one year and may terminate them at any time. Appointments are renewable.

Appointment as an Affiliated Scholar is non-salaried, carries no university duties, and implies no university support. With the approval of the department chair and/or dean, an Affiliated Scholar may submit a grant or contract proposal through William and Mary and serve as co-principal Investigator with a College faculty member but not as the Principal Investigator. However, in exceptional circumstances, the Provost may give permission for an Affiliated Scholar to be the P.I. An Affiliated Scholar may be appointed to a salaried adjunct or visiting position if the department or school has an instructional need which the Scholar is qualified to fill.

*Local community is defined as the area between Norfolk and Richmond.

(Approved by the Faculty Assembly on January 26, 1999)