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William & Mary expects all members of the community to treat other people with dignity and respect. Consistent with the Code of Ethics, the Office of Compliance & Equity strives to ensure that there is an equitable working and learning environment for all faculty, staff and students. OC&E responds to reports of discrimination against individuals belonging to a protected class, such as race, religion, sex or national origin. OC&E is responsible for objectively investigating complaints of disparate treatment, disparate impact, harassment that creates a hostile environment or discriminatory retaliation.

Report Concerns

We encourage reports of any type of discrimination, harassment or stereotyping of individuals or groups on our campuses or in our community. While not all reports of conduct may be actionable or require investigation, knowing about concerns impacting members of our community is important. Having more information about potential discriminatory conduct allows us to stop misconduct before it creates a hostile environment, and better target education and awareness to departments, organizations, or individuals where there are concerns of intolerance or discrimination.