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Mandatory Reporting

Code of Ethics

William & Mary's Code of Ethics states that all members of the university community will report any illegal or unethical conduct that comes to their attention, "so the university can investigate and take corrective steps." The Code of Ethics is focused on illegal or unethical conduct by members of the W&M community relating to the W&M community.

Mandatory Reporting Obligations
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Abuse of a Minor
  • Who Must Report: Under Virginia law, every William & Mary employee (faculty, staff, temporary, part-time, student RA's and TA's, and volunteers) is required to report suspect abuse or neglect of a minor.
  • Where to Report: Reports must be made to the Department of Social Services toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline (in Virginia: 800-552-7096) or to the local department of social services. William & Mary. Police are available to assist you in making the report.
Clery Act Crimes Occurring in W&M Geography
  • Who Must Report: Campus Security Authorities must report certain types of criminal conduct ("Clery Act crimes") occurring on one of W&M campuses (Williamsburg, VIMS, Newport News Peninsula Center, Eastern Shore Laboratory, or Washington Center) or W&M-controlled property (Discovery Building, Plumeri Park and Martin Family Stadium, Meridian at Mt. Vernon Triangle apartments for the Washington Center programs).
  • Where to Report: Reports must be made to William & Mary Police Department (757-221-4596) regardless of which campus or W&M-controlled property the crime took place. If there is an ongoing threat to safety, call 911 or local police, and report to WMPD after the threat has subsided.
Your Own Criminal Charges or Conviction
  • Who Must Report: Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Human Resources Policy 1.05 requires employees to self-disclose criminal charges or convictions related to alcohol or drug-related conduct occurring in or outside of the workplace, which affects the employee's ability to perform job duties (e.g. driving a state vehicle, operating equipment, direction interaction with children/students, enforcement of laws or regulations, etc.)
  • Where to Report: Employees must report to their immediate supervisor and Human Resources of such criminal charges or convictions impacting performance of their duties in writing no later than five calendar days afterwards.  Appeal of a conviction does not affect the employee's obligation to report the conviction.
Threats and Acts of Violence
  • Who Must Report: All members of the campus community (employees, students, third party contractors) must report acts of violence, and threats or threatening behavior by or against members of the university community. Per the university's Violence and Threat Management Policy, all members are encouraged to report concerning behaviors. Victims are not required to report acts of violence or threats they experience.
  • Where to Report: Reports must be made to William & Mary Police Department (75-221-4596).  If there is an ongoing threat to safety, call 911 or local police, and report to WMPD after the threat has subsided.
Title IX Sexual Harassment and Other Sexual Misconduct
  • Who Must Report: All employees (faculty, staff, temporary, part-time, student RA's and TA's, and volunteers), except for those who are designated as a Confidential Resource because of their employment in the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, or The Haven must report all forms of sexual harassment, including sexual assault (rape or fondling), domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.
  • Where to Report:  Reports must be made to the Title IX Coordinator either via email at [[reportconcern]] or via the online student form for student complainants or online employee form for employee complainants or respondents. 
Other Forms of Discrimination/Harassment
  • Who Must Report: Faculty, supervisors and managers must report any incidents or complaints of discrimination or harassment on the basis of a protected class (e.g. race, religion, national origin, gender, disability) that impacts a direct report, including a student employee.
  • Where to Report: Reports must be made to the Office of Compliance & Equity via email at [[reportconcern]].

Report Concerns

We encourage reports of any type of discrimination, harassment or stereotyping of individuals or groups on our campuses or in our community. While not all reports of conduct may be actionable or require investigation, knowing about concerns impacting members of our community is important. Having more information about potential discriminatory conduct allows us to stop misconduct before it creates a hostile environment, and better target education and awareness to departments, organizations, or individuals where there are concerns of intolerance or discrimination.