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Apply to Be a Branch Out Coordinator

Shape the future of Alternative Breaks at W&M

Position Overview

Branch Out Student Coordinators (collectively known as "Trunk") are responsible for planning and implementing a year of successful high quality alternative breaks. Branch Out Coordinators provide leadership for the entire alternative break program, working closely to fulfill the Branch Out mission, vision, and values. Typically, six Coordinators in three positions, described below, work in pairs and collaboratively on a team, together with Branch Out's advisor. The experience is intensive, but immensely gratifying.

What You'll Gain
  • A meaningful collective leadership experience with your fellow Trunk members
  • Skills in professional communication, teamwork, technology, partnership development, advising, and leadership
  • The opportunity to guide the direction of Branch Out
  • Full-time student, enrolled and on campus (not studying abroad) in fall and spring semesters
  • Maintain clear student conduct and honor code records and be in good academic standing
  • Previous experience with Branch Out as a Site Leader highly encouraged
  • Commitment to community engagement, Branch Out mission, vision and values
  • Interest in working with a co-coordinator and a team in a collaborative style
  • Commitment to and vision for consistently improving the Branch Out program
  • Commitment to growing in active citizenship
  • Commitment to being proactive and taking initiative
  • Ability to make the required time commitments to the program
    • Effective leadership takes time and energy. Involvement in this program requires a full academic year commitment.
Position Descriptions and desired skills for each SC position
Responsibilities for All Student Coordinators
  • Recruit and select Site Leaders (SLs) and Student Coordinators (SCs) for the following year in late March/early April
  • Plan and attend the SL retreat in September
  • Plan and participate in three weekly one-hour meetings:
    • "Trunk" meeting, with all SCs and Program Advisor
    • "Twig" meeting, with co-SC and Program Advisor
    • "Roots" meeting, with co-SC
  • Advise two to three alternative breaks (no more than one per season, typically), meeting regularly with SLs over about eight week to help them develop thorough and engaging pre-trip education, facilitate trip logistics, and implement a successful reorientation plan
  • Participate in a Trunk retreat in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, and an SL retreat in September
  • Participate in an Actively Building Community Solidarity conference (ABCs) hosted by Break Away during the summer (multiple dates available)
Development Coordinator Position Description
  • Recruit and welcome new members of Branch Out:
    • Recruit participants for all alternative breaks using GivePulse, Canva, Brevo, Instagram, in-person tabling and events, and word of mouth
    • Welcome participants to their teams in a spirit of celebration and lightheartedness including planning and leading Welcome Meetings
    • Oversee publicity and branding for Branch Out through social media, information meetings, and other creative methods
    • Collaborate to welcome new Site Leaders and Student Coordinators through Welcome Meetings and Trunk transition
  • Post Branch Out opportunities (including breaks, leadership positions, pre-trip meetings, and other functions) on GivePulse, and review and approve or deny applications and impacts
  • Manage the Branch Out email account
  • Develop program-wide events to raise campus awareness of Branch Out
  • Coordinate meaningful alumni engagement
  • Plan transportation and meals for the SL retreat
  • As needed, research and apply for program funding
  • Time commitment:
    • Summer: one-two hrs/week + four-day full-time conference
    • Fall: an average of 10 hrs/week with more in the first two weeks of the semester, leading up to Fall Break, and the end of the semester 
    • Spring: an average of five hrs/week, with an increase in hours through SC and SLrecruitment
  • Desired skills:
    • Interpersonal and group communication (oral and written)
    • Problem solving and ability to adapt
    • Time management and organization
    • Outreach and recruitment
    • Creative social media management and graphic design (Canva)
    • Ability to quickly learn and artfully use volunteer management software (GivePulse)
Education Coordinator Position Description
  • Based on the syllabus and class learning objectives, develop lesson plans for, facilitate, and lead all sessions of SL training, in collaboration with the Program Advisor 
  • Plan and facilitate workshops for the Site Leader retreat 
  • Plan and lead Welcome Back Dinners for break participants after fall, winter, and spring breaks
  • Create a sense of fun and inclusion among SLs through periodic workshops and bonding events.
  • Time commitment:
    • Summer: one hr/week + four-day full-time conference, with an increase in hours leading up to the start of the fall semester 
    • Fall: an average of 10 hrs/week, but more hours leading up to Fall Break while the class is in session
    • Spring: six hrs/ week, with an increase in hours through SC and SL recruitment
  • Desired skills:
    • Interpersonal and group communication (oral and written)
    • Problem solving and ability to adapt
    • Time management and organization
    • Comfort facilitating conversations with 15+ people, including affirming and correcting student contributions
    • Ability to creatively and effectively deliver content
Site Coordinator Position Description
  • Identify, evaluate, contact, and work closely with community partners, housing hosts, and transportation managers to develop sustainable, mutually-beneficial partnerships for alternative breaks
  • Problem-solve when there are complications with community and housing partners
  • Work with the advisor to determine and implement the budget for each break, and manage compensation process for each community and housing
  • Assess program impact, in part by developing, maintaining, and distributing post-trip evaluation forms to site leaders, participants, and partners
  • Maintain accurate records of partnership details and break plans
  • Develop community partnership, service, and housing for the SL retreat
  • Plan and facilitate emergency planning meetings and logistical training for each break period
  • Time commitment:
    • Summer: an average of three to five hrs/week during summer, with heavier weeks leading up to the beginning of classes in August + four-day full-time conference.
    • Fall: an average of 10 hrs/week, with more hours leading up to Site Leader Retreat (in September).
    • Spring: an average of five hrs/week, with an increase in hours through SC and SL recruitment.
  • Desired skills:
    • Interpersonal and group communication (oral and written, including professional emails and phone conversations with partners)
    • Problem solving and ability to adapt
    • Time management and organization
    • Forward-looking focus, and ability to predict and respond to potential logistical challenges
Required Dates
  • Attendance required at one session of the summer training with Break Away
  • Availability for regular summer remote meetings and responsibilities
  • Trunk Retreat September 6-7, 2024
  • Site Leader retreat September 20-21, 2024
  • A course for Site Leaders, facilitated by Branch Out’s Education Coordinators and staff, will meet in Fall 2024 on Fridays from 1 - 2:20 pm 
Hours and Compensation

Positions are from April to April of the following year; summer hours are required. Anticipated hours for each position are in the position responsibilities. Student Coordinators are paid hourly, at minimum wage.

Application Process

Apply on W&M GivePulse by March 25 at 11:59 pm. We welcome and encourage rising sophomores, juniors and seniors to apply for Coordinator positions.

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