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Creating partnerships in our community

Want to develop opportunities for community-based learning, service-learning, or community-engaged research, or deepen your existing community-engaged efforts? W&M Civic & Community Engagement is here for you, whether you're starting from scratch or just need a boost of guidance.

While this page covers many resources for developing partnerships, facilitating critical reflection, and utilizing W&M resources, we know that community engagement often requires creative thinking and problem solving that's unique to each experience. We welcome you to engage with us directly so we can best support your teaching and research.

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Contact [[mcporter, Melody Porter]], director of Civic & Community Engagement, for resources or to discuss potential partnerships. 

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Developing Community Partnerships

We have cultivated many relationships with community organizations in the Greater Williamsburg area and beyond, and we're here to help you initiate or deepen your own partnerships. In addition to opportunities to connect with community organizations, we are glad to consult with you on how to evolve your partnerships through work plans, shared assessment, and other strategies.

  • Join us at the fall W&M Community Partnerships Breakfast to connect with community organization leaders from Greater Williamsburg as well as other community-engaged faculty and staff at W&M.
  • Review the many area community organizations with which we have relationships. You are welcome to contact any directly or be connected through our staff.
  • Explore the Community Partnerships Directory which highlights some of the existing efforts between W&M faculty and staff and community organizations.
  • Attend and engage with community organization leaders at our fall Volunteer & Civic Engagement Fair in the first week of classes, the Community Partnerships Breakfast in October, and the Partnerships Workshop in June, all of which are advertised on W&M Digest. Please send questions to [[efmiller, Elizabeth Miller]].

We know many W&M faculty already have existing relationship with community partners. Please encourage your partners to review the resources we have specifically for them.

Facilitating Critical Reflection

Critical reflection - examining our experiences, relationships, knowledge, and beliefs to better understand and guide future action - is paramount to quality community-engaged learning. Depending on the partnership and community engagement activities, reflection can take many forms, and together we can consider what options are best for your students. 

Material Resources

Community engagement takes time, energy, and other assets. Here are a few tangible resources we provide.

  • Use an OCE van for transportation to and from community sites.
  • Apply for the Community-Engaged Faculty Accelerator which provides a $1,000 stipend for faculty strengthening their community-engaged teaching, learning, or scholarship.
  • Utilize W&M GivePulse, our campus platform for community engagement, to manage your community-engaged courses or opportunities. W&M GivePulse simplifies registering for community-engaged opportunities and tracking hours and impacts of attendees. Check out our GivePulse overview for more information or contact [[efmiller, Elizabeth Miller]]
  • Encourage students to apply for Community Engagement Grants for non-credit-bearing experiences.

In addition to providing resources, W&M Civic & Community Engagement staff engage with faculty in a variety of ways, including: