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W&M GivePulse Guides

These resource guides and videos will help you use W&M GivePulse to the fullest capacity.

FAQs about using W&M GivePulse
As a community organization, how do we add an event to W&MGivePulse?

If you're a community organization, you have two options to share opportunities. You can create the event on your affiliated page, and it will automatically be shared with W&M GivePulse. Or you can submit the event using the Submit Opportunity button on the top right of W&M GivePulse homepage.

Watch this 2 minute video or view the PDF guide to submitting an event.

How does my student group or community organization join W&M GivePulse?

If you're a recognized student organization,  we can create a W&M GivePulse page for you that automatically syncs your basic information and roster from TribeLink. If you want your department, office, or other W&M group to have their own page on W&M GivePulse, you'll need to provide some basic information for your page.  Contact [[efmiller, Elizabeth Miller]] to get set up.

If you're a community organization outside of W&M, you can create your own free GivePulse page and then affiliate that page with W&. Affiliating allows your opportunities to be automatically shared with campus and lists your organization on our partner page. See more resources for community organizations below.

How do I create an event/opportunity on W&M GivePulse?

Walk through the basics of creating an event in either our PDF or video guide. Learn about advanced event options also in PDF and video format, and see even more resources on event creation below. If you're a W&M member who just wants to submit a single event but not have a group page, use the Submit Opportunity button on the W&M GivePulse homepage.

Why can't other people see my event? Why can strangers see my event?

Who can see your event and register for it, are controlled by both visibility and privacy settings. Here's a brief overview of how to adjust those setting so people outside your group can/can't see the event and can/can't register. You can learn even more about those settings in the Beyond Basics video guide.

How can I sign my group up for a project?/How do I allow groups to sign up for my project?

Select the blue Request a Reservation button under Register (top right) on an event page to claim multiple spots for your group.  You'll serve as the group leader and must provide your team members names and emails before the event begins. Don't see the Request Reservation button? Contact the event administrator listed on the page to ask if they will accept reservations?

If you're creating an event and want groups to be able to claim spots as a team, be sure to Allow Group Reservations at the bottom of the Registration Settings.

Can I add registration questions to my event?

Absolutely! Registration questions are a great way to get to know who's signing up for your opportunity, learn about their accessibility needs, and any other preferences. Check out this quick overview of adding and editing registration questions or watch the registration questions section of our Beyond Basics video.

How can I save time with duplicate and saved fields?

If you are hosting multiple similar events or the same event repeatedly, start with Duplicate. By duplicating you won't have to reconfigure settings like privacy/visibility, logos, registration, and more. Learn how to use Duplicate.

And did you know: any time you create a question (also called a custom field), it is saved in GivePulse.  That means in the future, you can use the saved version of that question instead of creating a new version, and you can use default questions created by others.  Not only does this save you time, but when the registrant responds, if they have answered that question before, their previous answer is auto-populated. Learn how to use Existing Saved Fields to your advantage.

How do I add a record of service (Impact) for an event that wasn't listed on GivePulse

If you're an individual student who has completed a community volunteer experience not listed on GivePulse, you can add those hours to your involvement record using the Add Impact button on W&M GivePulse homepage. Use the Review/Reflection box to describe the service you completed and use the green Add Impact button at the bottom to submit. If you would like your Impact to be shared with a group you're a part of, add them in the Sharing & Privacy section.

If you want to add an impact on behalf of all or many members of your group for an event that was not listed on GivePulse, use the Import Impact feature (PDF).

User Basics
User Guides
Welcome to W&M GivePulse How W&M users can sign in, find and register for opportunities in GivePulse 
Recording Your Impact Record your community engagement participation and track your impact
Your W&M GivePulse Profile Use your account and profile to easily record and share information about yourself 
Management Resources

These resources are for anyone who is managing a group, page, or event in GivePulse, whether a W&M user or a community partner. 

Resources for GivePulse admin
Common Clicks Some of the most common buttons and features used for management functions
Create an Event

The basics for creating and sharing an event or opportunity to recruit participants Also available as PDF

Beyond Basics of Events

Advanced optional event settings allowing you to customize the information you share and collect, such as registration questions, logos, and notifications Also available as PDF

Events with Shifts 

Creating shifts within events to specify times and needs within a volunteer opportunity

Add and Manage Users

Add new users to your group and manage the roles and information of existing users

View and Message Registrants

View, engage with, and message registrants for individual events 

Promote Event and Invite Participants

Promote and share events on GivePulse and directly invite attendees through various features

Survey Feature  Creating and managing surveys, including inviting users and viewing responses
For Community Partners Only
Resources for community organizations

Sharing Opportunities

Two simple ways to share opportunities with campus

Submit an Event

How to submit an external opportunity to W&M GivePulse. Also available as PDF. This is one of two ways to share opportunities with our students. 

Affiliate with W&M GivePulse

Affiliating allows your opportunities to be automatically shared with campus and lists your organization on our partner page

Resource Guide

An overview guide created by GivePulse for community organizations
For W&M Administrators Only (Students, Staff, and Faculty)
Resources for W&M admin only
Using GivePulse as an RSO  The basic benefits and functions GivePulse provides to recognized student organizations
Applications Creating and managing applications for positions or internships
Don't see what you need? Questions or requests for additional support can be sent to [[efmiller, Elizabeth Miller]]. You can also set up a remote consultation to get started, walk through a project, or problem solve a specific issue.