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Forwarding Returning Fifth Year Students Mail

I am planning to return to the university in the fall!

You must fill out a Forwarding Card that alerts Postal Services that you will be returning in the fall and also provides your forwarding address for the summer.  Your mail will be forwarded to this address until August 1.  This address will appear in Banner as the TEMPORARY ADDRESS (TE).

What happens to my mail if I don't fill out a Forwarding Card?

If you do not submit a Forwarding Card, your Mailing Address(MA) in Banner will become your default Forwarding Address(FW) until you notify Postal Services and your CSU will be assigned to an incoming student. If you do not have a Mailing Address(MA) on file, your mail will be returned to sender.

I'm attending summer session/staying in Williamsburg this summer!

You must submit a Forwarding Card alerting Postal Services to keep your mail box open during this time frame.  If your Forwarding Card is not received by June 1st of the current year, your Mailing Address in Banner will be your default Forwarding Address until you notify Postal Services.

What about my magazine, newspaper, music club, book club, etc. subscriptions?

You must provide the company's subscription center with your temporary or permanent address to ensure proper handling of your mail. 
Note: Postal Services will not accept responsibility for delayed or lost mail.

What about packages left or received after May 1st?

Packages that are left by you or received after May 1st of the current year will be forwarded to you at your expense!  The charge for this service will be the cost of mailing this item by way of United States Postal Service (USPS) at the "Parcel Post rate" with up to $200 of insurance.

Where do I get a Forwarding Card?

Forwarding Cards are available at the Student Service Window .