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International Mailing Regulations

Step 1: Prep it!

William & Mary Postal Services will no longer fill out or accept handwritten Customs Forms for international mail. 

Option A

Visit for more information about the preparation of international mail shipments. 

The type of Customs Form you use depends on the service you are using and the declared value of your mail.  To determine which type of Customs Form you need, use the Preparing International Shipments page on

Option B

Bring your mail to any of the conveniently located USPS in the Williamsburg area

Step 2: Label it!

Fill in all required information completely and accurately on the appropriate Customs Declaration Form.  Read the instructions carefully before filling out your declaration form.

Attach your customs declaration form on the front of your shipment and make sure all information is visible and legible.  Remember to sign the customs declaration form.

When using both an address label and a customs declaration, ensure the sender and recipient information is the same on both.

Step 3: Postal Services will pick up your mail!

Postal Services will pick up business mail for international delivery during your regular mail stop.  We will meter it and carry it to the USPS Williamsburg office.

Shipping goods valued at over $2,500 or shipping to embargoed countries 

If your shipment is valued at more than $2,500 or if you are shipping to any United States embargoed country (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria), your shipment may require a license or other action before mailing.  For more information, visit Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service International Mail Manual.