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Commencement Parking May 18-20, 2023

Full Description

Parking staff are diligently working to transform the university parking inventory into the Special Event Zoned system we employ to support the graduation schedule of events from May 18th - 20th. During this prep time all parking rules remain in effect, decals are still required and valid in their appropriate lots and spaces. Signs are posted with a variety of restrictions please be on the lookout for those over the next few days. Zable Stadium will close to general parking Friday at noon, all vehicles must vacate the area by 4:00 pm, starting at 4:30 pm only ADA placards and drop off passes will be allowed to enter the lot.

For Graduation weekend we employ a zoned parking system. Students & Guests should park according to their final destination each day, do not plan on driving from site to site as parking will not support movement in that manner.  With 10,000 guests expected Friday and the same number throughout Saturday space will be at a premium. There are plans in place to accommodate those with limited mobility needs, all others are expected to and should be prepared to walk to the various events.

Golf cart shuttles are provided primarily for those who may have difficulty walking distances. A shuttle arrives approximately every 15-20 minutes during the following times:

  • Friday: 4:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

At the following locations:

Parking for Students visit 

Parking for Families & Guests visit  

We also recommend using the W&M App for additional information, current updates, and changes as the weekend evolves.

Click Here to view the Zoned Campus Parking Map

To support the main Commencement Ceremony  the following allocations are made:

  • ADA & Limited Mobility Parking & Drop off 
    • Zable Stadium lot
  • Designated F/S Parking
    • Official/Platform Party - OD Lot = 35 spaces – overflow in JB Lot.  
    • PD Parking – 4 spaces at Laycock Center and Zable 2 spaces near Gate 6  
    • EMS Parking - 2 vehicles at Laycock Center Loading Dock  
    • Attending FacultySwem F/S Lot = 25 spaces
    • Working F/S – Any daily parking lots throughout campus unless signed or reserved  
  • Student Parking
    • Students in ceremonies – Zone 1/4, OTP, Harrison, Plant Lot, Parking Deck, Boswell, Landrum Dr, Swem Lot, Wake Dr, Ukrop Way, Ludwell, Law School & Gradplex lots, several other smaller lots  
    • Drop off for graduates not walking is at OTP, then cross over to Zable 
  • Vendor Parking 
    • Parking with appropriate pass in Zone 1/4 
    • The W&M Media staff will park in spaces along College Terrace. WX = Commons Lot

Please direct all questions or concerns to