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Frequently asked questions about Parking at W&M.

Is a pass needed to park on campus?

Yes, all vehicles parked on campus must display a temporary pass or decal 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday from 7:00 am on Monday until 5:00 pm on Friday. Decals are not required on weekends. Special Event participants will require passes or Passport sessions to park in reserved areas.

Are parking rules enforced in the evenings or on weekends?

Yes, parking rules and regulations are enforced year round including evenings by Parking Services and W&M Police. Decals and passes are not required on weekends. Areas designated for non-affiliated Visitor parking are enforceable 24/7/365. Payment must be set using the Passport Pay by phone app in these areas. 

My parents, relatives, or a friend is coming to visit me. Do they need a decal and where can they park?

No not a decal or pass but they do need to park in one of the Visitor designated areas and use the Passport Pay-by-phone app to cover their time. As part of the university COVID response measures Parking Services is open for limited transactions and daily walk in traffic. Temp passes are sold online and should be ordered well in advance of the need.  W&M Students without decals must park in the Kaplan Arena lot and initiate a pay by phone session for the time and space as needed. A pass or session is not required after 5 pm on Friday through 7:00 am on Monday. All other parking rules remain in effect.

As a freshman or sophomore who lives in campus administered housing may I have a car on campus?

No, in order to have a car on campus you must apply and qualify for an exception to policy. All applications are reviewed and considered for approval of a Restricted Use Decal to park at the Kaplan Arena Lot only.  

What are enforcement hours of meters & timed spaces?

Metered & timed spaces are located in high demand areas and are intended for high turn-over. Anyone, except students with Restricted Use permits, may park at a meter, and everyone (except those displaying a valid ADA placard) must pay. Meters are enforced Monday - Friday, except for the meters located by the Muscarelle Museum in the Boswell Lot which are enforced 7 days a week. Monday through Thursday after 5:00 p.m., customers with a decal or temporary pass are not required to pay at a meter. All other customers should continue to pay according to usage.

Pay by Phone sessions can be initiated for parking in the Kaplan Arena Lot, School of Ed lot 6, and the Grad Complex Overflow lot and are enforced from Monday at 7:00 am through Friday at 5:00 pm.

What should you do if a meter malfunctions?   

Immediately report equipment malfunctions to Parking Services at 221-4764 or via email to Provide the lot and the meter or zone number to the customer service rep. If a coin operated meter a repair technician will be dispatched immediately, upon completion of repairs maximum time will be applied to the meter.

May I tape my decal to my vehicle?

No. All decals must be suspended from your rear view mirror, or affixed to the rear driver’s side window with the hologram and decal number facing outward.

Can I transfer my decal to another vehicle?

No, when vehicles are sold, or disposed of the decal may not be transferred to another vehicle or person. You must remove and return your original decal and request a refund of the prorated “residual” value. Hangtags may be moved from car to car as long as the additional vehicle is pre-registered with Parking Services.

If my car breaks down what should I do if I must drive another vehicle?

Contact Parking Services immediately, Parking Services will issue a temporary pass for the needed days. You will need to know the license plate number of the replacement vehicle you are driving. With the exception of a rental car, the vehicle must be family owned.

What should I do if I disagree with a citation?
You have two options:
a. Contact Parking Services the next business day to review the photos and discuss details of the citation; if you still disagree you may file an appeal. All appeals must be submitted in writing online; verbal appeals will not be considered.
b. You may file an online appeal of the citation by visiting the Parking Webpage.
If I need to load/unload heavy items where can I park?

You may pick up a loading pass, which allows parking in faculty, staff or student parking for 30 minutes. You may not create your own space, park on sidewalks or grass to gain close access to a building.