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Employees celebrated for longtime service to W&M

The following people will be recognized June 15, 2017, for reaching milestones in their years of service to the university. Those being recognized have served W&M for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50 years. Virginia Institute of Marine Science employees were recognized at a separate ceremony.

50 years

Roxie Greene, Dining Services

45 years

Alan F. Albert, Athletic Department

40 years

John G. Lindsey, Facilities Management

35 years

Curtis Adkins, Dining Services
Conrad A. Brown, Facilities Management
William D. Copan, Investment Administration
Ariana I. Jones, Office of the President
Robert C. Knowlton, University Centers
Joel D. Schwartz, Charles Center
Debra S. Wilson, Philosophy

30 years

Velvet Cowles, Dining Services
Linda L. Hicks, Campus Recreation
Carla R. King-Johnson, School of Business
Shelfer D. Peace, Athletic Department
Susan A. Riggs, Swem Library
Ernestine J. Smith, Postal Services
Wendy D. Urbano, Office of the Registrar

25 years

Amy C. Banks, Financial Aid
Raymond B. Bowman, Wren Building
Dorothy A. Brown, Facilities Management
Gloria Brown, Dining Services
Jay W. Colley, Athletic Department
Brenda J. Denton, University Advancement
Jacqueline M. Griffin-Allmond, Center for Student Diversity
Ronnie L. Hasty, Facilities Management
Donald G. Hensley, Information Technology
Jeffrey S. Herrick, University Centers
Melanie Hood, Dining Services
Sarah F. Kellam, School of Law
Rebecca N. Marcus, Counseling Center
Sean D. Pada, Information Technology
Manickam Ramasamy, Facilities Management
Kathleen D. Smith, Information Technology
Nancy A. Vincent, School of Law
Joseph L. Washington, University Centers

20 years

Sandra J. Brooks, Admission
LaLora Brown-Mason, Child Care Center
Felicia A. Burton, School of Law
Gloria Dover, Dining Services
Felipe L. Dun Moodie, Postal Services
Edward E. Elmore, Facilities Management
Karen L. Gillingham, Information Technology
Ronnie C. Gray, Facilities Management
Helene A. Hale, School of Business
Sandra R. Hale, Office of the Bursar
Lorraine Hatchett, Dining Services
Sherry B. Joyner, General Accounting
Peggy S. Lukas, Athletic Department
Patricia P. O'Neill, School of Education
Benjamin L. Owen, Facilities Management
Katrina J. Pawvluk, Residence Life
Dale E. Pryor, Transportation Services
Ardette R. Smith, Facilities Management
Calvin W. Thorpe, Facilities Management
John E. Vajda, Law Library
Peter P. Walker, Athletic Department
Lydia C. Whitaker, Applied Science

15 years

Zenaida Abdon, Dining Services
Holly L. Alexander, Residence Life
Willard A. Bauserman, University Communications
Karla D. Beckman, Student Health Center
Amber L. Brown, General Accounting
Beverly A. Brown, Facilities Management
Robert E. Chretien, Facilities Management
Violet P. Darby, Facilities Management
Frederick W. Dingledy, Law Library
Diane F. Dye, ID Office
Hashim H. Eleonora, Facilities Management
Dionne Friday, Dining Services
Jeanne Fudge, Child Care Center
Kenitha R. Futrell, Facilities Management
Sharron G. Gatling, Diversity & Inclusion
Martha Howard, OIEAHC
Gerald M. Huther, Information Technology
Marcus Jackson, Dining Services
Richard J. Jolly, Information Technology
Paul W. Mapp, History
Julie P. Martin, Information Technology
Michele R. Mitchell-Moffit, School of Business
William Mulroney, Bookstore
Israel Palencia, W&M Police
Derrick A. Payne, Facilities Management
Meriann W. Reid, Financial Aid
Denise R. Ridley-Johnston, Institutional Analysis & Effectiveness
Colette D. Roots, Postal Services
Daniel R. Salvitti, W&M Police
Ute Schechter, Swem Library
Frances W. Settle, Highland
Suzanne C. Seurattan, University Communications
James B. Supplee, Information Technology
John T. Thorpe, Information Technology
Kristy K. Walker, Information Technology
Lawanda Wallace, Dining Services
Eric J. Walter, Information Technology
Nathanial Weeks, Bookstore
Jaime P. Welch-Donahue, School of Law
Harvey C. Williams, Information Technology
Sonya C. Worden, University Advancement

10 years

Roxane O. Adler Hickey, Washington, D.C. Office
Michael E. Bristow, Geology
Areem Chambers, Dining Services
Kathrine S. Chapman, W&M Police
Peter P. Cruz, Admission
Deborah V. DeBacco, International Studies
Donna M. DeGrace, Facilities Management
Michael Dickens, Highland
Vanessa M. Elder, Facilities Management
Destiny D. Elliott, Psychology
Earl T. Granger, University Advancement
Deborah A. Grosser, School of Education
Peter D. Hahn, Facilities Management
Sharon L. Hiner, Highland
James E. Holmes, Campus Recreation
William Horacio, Parking Services
Kenneth Jimmison, Facilities Management
Anne T. Johnson, Swem Library
Torian Keller, Bookstore
Elizabeth J. Kiewiet, School of Education
Troy R. Knapp, Facilities Management
Gale R. Lee, Facilities Management
Anita D. McClinton, Facilities Management
Spencer H. Milne, Athletic Department
Elizabeth A. Montalvo, Sponsored Programs
Kerry A. Murphy, Anthropology
Steve C. Otto, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Melissa K. Palacios, Information Technology
Joyce E. Powell, Facilities Management
Arnold Preib, Dining Services
Carolyn A. Rogers, Facilities Management
Ronald A. Russell, Facilities Management
Miriam C. Saguto, University Advancement
Stephen Salpukas, University Communications
Joshua G. Sanchez, Facilities Management
Richard P. Schofield, Residence Life
Kristopher A. Sears, Athletic Department
Steven M. Sikes, Dean of Students Office
Christine Stevens, Dining Services
Margaret Stewart, Highland
Vivian M. Stull, Office of the Bursar
Robyn L. Sulanowski, Alumni Association
Robert E. Taylor, W&M Police
John W. Thomas, Facilities Management
Maureen B. Tracy, Admission
Robert R. Turner, Athletic Department
Peter J. Van Bergen, Economic Development & Business Innovation
Brenda Wallace, Dining Services
Susan R. Warner, University Advancement
Janice A. Whiting, Facilities Management
Patsy Whitley, Dining Services
Bernice R. Williams, Facilities Management
Erin A. Zagursky, University Communications
David J. Zoll, Procurement Office

Five years

Ruth Ashby, Dining Services
Mayra L. Ayala, Facilities Management
Kathryn M. Baldwin, Information Technology
James Bennette, Dining Services
Catherine C. Beville, Student Health Center
Malika Bouhali, Facilities Management
William M. Bristow, Facilities Management
Ashley Brown, Dining Services
Annissia S. Bryant, University Advancement
Amy R. Byxbe, Human Resources
Gregory D. Caldwell, Facilities Management
Darlene M. Campbell, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Elizabeth M. Cavallari, School of Law
Tiffany B. Christian, Athletic Department
Jeremy P. Condron, Facilities Management
Roberta W. Curtis, School of Education
Jennie A. Davy, Swem Library
Jeffrey S. Dean, Sociology
Kathleen M. DeLaurenti, Swem Library
Molly L. DeStafney, International Studies
Brenda B. Duncan, School of Business
Nina Earl, Financial Operations
Mohammed Essif, Dining Services
Rachel E. Follis, Web & Design
Rodney L. Franks, Information Technology
Daniel H. Frezza, University Advancement
Eric M. Garrison, Student Affairs
Joanna Good, Bookstore
Steve V. Goodman, Facilities Management
Beverly Green, Dining Services
Loistine M. Griffin, Facilities Management
Matt (Christopher) Gutridge, Athletics
Stephen E. Hanson, Office of the Provost
Andrea M. Harris, University Events
Robert C. Harris, Aid Data
Dale H. Hayes, Computer Science
Gayle R. Helmling, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Linda J. Heron, University Advancement
Karen P. Hogue, School of Education
Charles L. Jackson, Facilities Management
Perry "Lionel" Jones, Dining Services
Robert H. Jordan, Information Technology
Daneene M. Kelley, History
Jane N. Kim, Charles Center
Dekotie M. Kimble, Athletic Department
April D. Lawrence, School of Education
Rochelle Lemons, Dining Services
Mary B. Lueker, Human Resources
Elizabeth Macaleese, Human Resources
Sean L. McFall, Charles Center
Laura McGruder, Dining Services
Shirley R. Mitchell, Vertebrate Animal Care Unit
William A. Moore, Facilities Management
Margaret J. Morrison, University Counsel/Compliance and Equity
Patricia R. Murphy, University Advancement
Delora A. Nixon, School of Education
Nicole Norton, Child Care Center
Justine R. Okerson, Admission
Martha C. Orr, School of Business
Gregory D. Outten, W&M Police
Marie L. Pitts,  Biology
Timothy Pryor, Dining Services
Ryan J. Riddle, Athletic Department
Marissa Risk, Bookstore
Angelia Roberts, Dining Services
Joy R. Robertson, Facilities Management
Towana M. Robinson, Facilities Management
Matthew A. Rouette, Information Technology
Johnie D. Sanders, Archaeological Research
Judith G. Schatzel, Human Resources
Renee L. Schofield, Office of the Bursar
Brandi G. Schwane, Athletic Department
Rhianna E. Shabsin, School of Law
David R. Sherman, Human Resources
Delia Singletary, Dining Services
Nicole Smith, Dining Services
Amy C. Spencer Westerkamp, School of Law
John T. Spike, Muscarelle Museum
Peter A. Steele, Geology
Delfontain Stoutingberg, Dining Services
Dana M. Survello, University Advancement
Winston Tabb, Dining Services
Whitney D. Turner, School of Business
Simonne M. Vance, Payroll
Robert D. Waggoner, University Advancement
Johnny A. Wallace, Facilities Management
Hye J. Williams, Facilities Management
Jamie Willis, Bookstore